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03-20-2011 , 08:06 AM

I've pictured doing that to soo many people. Its nice to see some skinny punk getting the schlapskie kicked out of him. Maybe he'll actually think next time.

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03-20-2011 , 09:06 AM

Hahaha. Seeing that happen then watching him get up and not being able to walk straight was awesome. I know what it's like to deal with bullys in school so seeing this made me happy. I applaud the big kid! =D

"Both students in a fight at the school shown on the Internet have been suspended ... the only injury sustained was a grazed knee."

Honestly? I wouldn't have suspended the bigger kid but unfortunately it's probably the better to have both of them suspended as fighting in school just can't be tolerated. To let even one off easy might have horrible consequences in the future. As much as I'd like to see that little skinny punk suspended and not the victim.

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03-20-2011 , 12:01 PM

I would have followed in with a curb stomp.

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03-20-2011 , 03:38 PM

Originally Posted by ODST View Post
I would have followed in with a curb stomp.
At the very end you can hear the kid whimper... it is nice.

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03-21-2011 , 11:13 PM

After hearing that the big guy once contemplated suicide makes this video so much more enjoyable. My favorite part is when the kid's body bounces back up a little bit after hitting the ground.

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03-21-2011 , 11:54 PM


Always available via private message, let me know what's up.

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