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HIH Lottery Winners Read about the poor souls who've won the HIH Lottery.
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HIH Lottery Winner 6/16/06: thenotsogoodtrickster! - 06-17-2006 , 03:26 PM

Well what better way to get back on the job than by sharing with you folks our kind and wonderful lottery winner for this week? You know him and love him, so put your hands together for thenotsogoodtrickster! Our friend wins a custom title and avatar, a moment on front page, an interview, and a complimentary endangered brown spider-monkey. Onwards to thine interview, thou!

1: Tell us a bit about yourself, like your name, age, what makes you the not-so-good trickster, and how many people coco has killed world-wide.

Well, my name is Adam Coastworth, and I live in the North East of England, pretty cool, and wet, up here :D. And I'm 14 years old, my name was intended as a joke when I first joined on the V2 Forums, and I do believe I've killed roughly 2 billion players, but that's just a rough estimate :D

2: How did you find High Impact Halo, and when?

I didn't find HIH staright away, after I finished Halo 1, I set out looking for cheats, which later became known as glitches to me, after visiting HBO, I looked through their pages, and seen unbelievable stuff from Frogblast and Ducain (the launch to the Banshee pillar was phenomanal). Then, with the release of Halo 2, HBO wouldn't host tircks and glitches, and HIH would. Well, being the sheep I was, I followed that hyperlink, and then turned obsessed tricker I am.

3: What is it that you like about Halo tricks, and what are your favourite tricks to do and see? (Like Multiplayer, Campaign, etc.)

My favourite tricks, unfortunately for Halo 2 trickers, are Halo 1 tricks, and most definately, the warthog launch, which, in my opinion, made Halo tricking. Best Halo 2 MP tricks would have to be connection glitches, I just love fooling people with that replicated warthog, which I'd like to thank Yasha for too :D

4: What other hobbies do you have?

Well, I like to play Soccer, I think it's the best sport ever, and I'll be cheering England on throughout the World Cup, another thing I love doing is hanging out with my friends, they're great friends, and I don't think you'll find any people better than them (without disrespecting any members on HIH).

5: Got any pets? How about any brown spider-monkeys?

I haven't got a pet for myself, but my little sister has a crazy hamster, that runs into walls in it's little ball, and dives at the cage. I'm always tempted to volley it when he's in his ball lol. (Try spinning the ball while he's in it, that's always great fun. Grr at hammies, they're all evil. Evil, I say. -POTS)

6: If the Master Chief and Britain's soccer/football team got into a fight, who would win? Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that both parties are sober.

Well, that's a hard one, England have Shrek, and MC has duel wielding, the only way I can see England winning is if Master Chief plays on Legendary.

7: What do you want to see most in Halo 3?

Not many changes, I want Bungie to keep every good thing about both games. People have been speculating about a Map Editor, I hope if one is included, it has to be good, and left out of MatchMaking to prevent cheating and unfair advantages.

Well there you have it friends, a fun interview from a fun guy. Congrats once again to thenotsogoodtrickster, and good luck to him and Britain! If you guys want to sign up for your chance to win the Lottery, head to Yap and Blabber and look for the Lottery Sticky. *throws ducks at the guys who keep asking where the Lottery is, and POTS keeps answering, but the answers do no good if you guys won't bother to READ*

*Throws one more duck*


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06-17-2006 , 03:31 PM

YAY! Thanks POTS :D *also throws ducks*

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06-17-2006 , 03:37 PM

congrats! :)

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06-17-2006 , 03:38 PM

omg roflcopter attack!


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06-17-2006 , 03:39 PM

I've seen professional Mongolian contortionists do that, but next time, check the q and a before posting.

all spelling errors intentional

(i love doing that)

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06-17-2006 , 04:16 PM

*Beats up the RoflCoptor with Lollerskates*

Great job on winning, and nice interview!


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06-17-2006 , 04:47 PM

yay i luv the lottery, great interview too, didn't get boring;)

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06-17-2006 , 05:00 PM

woah, nice interview <3

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06-17-2006 , 05:03 PM

Me Happy For Suspended Rotations Within The Innermost Being.

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06-17-2006 , 05:31 PM

Originally Posted by thenotsogoodtrickster
Haha, I am invisible, wonder if that means I can't be picked...

...Or does it?

I think I can still be picked...

...It's because I'm just so sexy

Looks like you could get picked... ya butt. I'm never going to get picked...


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06-17-2006 , 05:37 PM

congrats :)

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06-17-2006 , 06:02 PM

:O You live in North-East England too! Wherez!?

Oh and congratulations

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06-17-2006 , 06:16 PM

Congratulation man! Hope you enjoy the fame and the complimentary endangered brown spider-monkey. Make sure you take good care of it.

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06-17-2006 , 07:31 PM

Cheers, and congrats to a guy who's been around for awhile.


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06-17-2006 , 09:04 PM

dare you and your random number!!! darn you... i will win one of these days the world cup pwns
hey POTS where is that sticky...?
*ducks from the ducks and runs away*

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06-17-2006 , 10:21 PM

Thats it, now I'm typing in invisible font! haha congrats, maybe this time I'll get lucky...

out with it, How much did you pay POTS? lol

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06-17-2006 , 11:18 PM

Congrats mate.:)

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06-17-2006 , 11:22 PM

Go Italy.!

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06-18-2006 , 06:10 AM

Grr, England FTW!

Awesome to see you winning this thing, I can't think of having seen a better interview for the Lottery, great to have you here mate :)

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06-18-2006 , 06:17 AM

as trickster would say.....this is a sign!

an english person has won the lottery, will england win the World Cup???

Onlu time will tell!

and congrats, btw!


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