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Unhappy "Networking Problems." Help. - 03-13-2006 , 08:19 PM

Alright, I've searched, looked in the stickies, and have found no questions or theories or anything about this.. Now, in XBL, certain people cannot "directly connect" to each other, so they can't be in a party together without a connection, a third player whom they can both connect to... Now I was wondering if there is any way to fix this or why it happens and how it works? I've googled it and the best thing I've ever found was to reset all your stuff, such as re-plug modem, router, XBox, PC, everything after it's all turned off, and start off in a certain order plugging things back in. I've tried that, nothing worked... Now I know some of you might say something like "Well, it could just be something wrong with your ISP." or something like that, but my friend in real life uses the exact same connection speed, ISP, and modem as me. But he feeds his PCs internet connection through the USB port, and his Xbox through the Ethernet port. I use a router that just feeds my PC and Xbox through that with Ethernet cords... Help please, anyone.. It would probably make my XBL experience about 100x greater, seeing how over 60% of the people on my friends list I can't "directly connect" to.

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03-14-2006 , 05:49 PM

Sounds like your lost.

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03-15-2006 , 01:25 AM

Well, this is mainly about Xbox Live and Halo, so I thought it would go here more than at Technical Support, because that was outside Xbox Live, but whatever. If it is suppose to go @ Technical Support, or its proper place, can a mod or admin please move it there.

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03-17-2006 , 02:04 PM

nah this is good in this forum, though it would be at home in the Tech forum as well.
If I'm correct about your problem, then I've had the same experience and it's usually with the same friend on my list.

He can't join my party some times.
What we usually do is join somebody else's party (a friend that's on both our lists), then quit and send him an invite again and then it usually works.

Don't know if this is the same problem, but if it is...try that.

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03-17-2006 , 05:29 PM

Alright, well like the night after I posted this, a friend of mine that I haven't been able to "directly" connect to, he joined my party. (Our party got split up during the last matchmaking game cause of bridging noobs. :/) But, so we were able to connect w/ each other 1 on 1, and I don't know why it happend or what, but I think it's working with all my friends now, but haven't tried it w/ many friends that I couldn't connect with 1 on 1. :P

Oh well, thanks for the help Shadow. If it starts acting up again, I'll try that.


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