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ReiKo Interview : Creator of VALE - 06-09-2009 , 01:48 PM

ReiKo, you've managed to win a major *cough* contest with your original map, [html=http://highimpacthalo.org/forum/showthread.php?t=51754]Vale. How, exactly, do you feel about this monumental achievement?


You could say, I feel monumental. In all seriousness though, it was a nice surprise to see that I had won, although there wasn't exactly many other submissions to battle with. I was already making Vale, and someone from these parts said I should throw it in there. Seems like it was worth the effort!


Speaking of effort, now, you say you spent roughly 6 hours making and tweaking the map, but that seems a little low for such a high quality map. Just how many hours each day did you grant towards this endeavor?

Well, at the moment I'm blessed with the glorious title "unemployed" due to the financial climate, apparently (construction), so I had pretty much as much time as I felt was necessary (usually, a lot more than necessary). At a guess, I'd say I spent around 40 hours total spread over 6 or 7 days, including testing.


40 hours? You overshot CheeseJam's time by 10 hours!
So, this map seems vaguely reminiscent of Backwash from Halo 2(if you, the readers, don't know of or remember this map, please get shot.), is it safe to assume you took some amount of inspiration from it? Or did you just throw convention to the wind and shoot perfection from your pointy, witch-like fingers? Because if it's the latter, I warn you, I may have to hunt you down and brainwash you into doing my bidding.

Well, at the risk of being hunted down, I'd have to go with the latter, ONLY because I can't see the Backwash in Vale. That really is an interesting point that I've not heard yet. There's a Backwash styled map in the pipeline though, so hopefully that sparks some interest here at HIH.

I'd thought it was Backwash-like... Oh well. Perhaps I'm going insane.
I have to wonder, you say the bases are asymmetrical, though they appear to be very close. Why wouldn't you merely tidy things up to make the bases themselves symmetrical, while leaving the outskirts rubble how it is? Are you trying to sting the players' eyes with such minuscule imperfections? Why would you do that? Do you hate HIH? Do you... hate America?

America is home to some of my best online buddies! As for HIH, we have a love/hate relationship. Although I'm pretty sure she's cheating on me.

She is.

Anyway, Vale was always supposed to be heavily one sided in the defense department. Think of Vale as The Model (Blue side) VS The Ogre (Red side). Blue side doesn't have anywhere near as much defensive properties as Red, but it sure does have a nice body to look at!
Yeah... that's it.

Wait... So one side starts with weapons and the other starts with tanning creme? I'll never understand...
Anyway, why did you choose this style of map to create instead of a balls-to-the-wall map with flying warthogs and exploding kittens?

I've always been a fan of the bigger maps and gametypes Halo has to offer. The first time I got online with Halo 2 was euphoric. One Bomb on Headlong, being slaughtered over and over for close to 15 minutes, but god damn, that was the good times. Back when dummying was rife, and I still had no idea what was going on.
Flying Warthogs and kittens were on the agenda, but like I've said before, we hit the OLN earlier than expected. Not a problem now that I have the TRUE OLN Canvas created by OhLa GoFeRr. I'm pretty sure a few people at HIH have this dream tool already.

I see...(I'm lying)
Here's a question I feel like we're all dying to know the answer to: Why did you need a partner for this? SimpleD sounds like he was an integral part of the map's creation*cough* but I have to wonder, did you really need him? Isn't he just leaching off of your enormous talent-nipple? Or was he really the brains behind the operation? Were you the one who simply posted the screenshots and links, hoping to steal the spotlight from your superior "co-worker?"


SimpleD helped me a great deal when it came to planning out and a little building here and there. The actual inside structure of blue side is all his, although I did make the rest including the rim-like structure stretching across and beyond. But Simple really did a great job with what he did and giving me the push to finish this off. If it weren't for him, this map would probably be lying unfinished on my map list. He didn't actually want any kind of credit for this, but that can't be!


Didn't want credit? Are you sure he's not just your imaginary friend..?

ReiKo:(Response filled in by Taso)
Yes. He is imaginary. I have no friends. My poodle is my life. I like watching VH1's special on Paris Hilton.

Fascinating... Well, ReiKo, I'm leaving, but you keep forging! *runs away*


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