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Challenge Complete: Bottom of the Cable Room w/ no mods - 02-04-2011 , 05:32 AM

K last video for now. Before I give a tut, I just want to say that this is definitely one of my favorite areas in Halo 2. I mean the lighting is just amazing in that room. Also the video comes with a tutorial so that you guys can get down there too and for best quality set the video settings to 720 p.
wmv download link: http://www.filefront.com/17917785/Bo...able-Room.wmv/

And this is to go even further beyond that and to the complete bottom^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j45_iCpvplg

When I first tried to get down to one of those landings/pillars I tried grenade jumping horizontally but that failed horribly it would never get you high enough because you have to be well above the landing otherwise it will kill you if you just go vertically. Then I decided to keep trying and was able to get all the way to the bottom.

I was lucky enough to get a checkpoint right as the sentinels were passing in front of me. To get down there you first have to cloak, then jump ontop of the closest sentinel. When it starts dropping you have to move around on top of it so that it will accelerate more and go in the right direction. You then use that momentum to jump further and hopefully hit the back of the pillar so that you can fall onto that landing.

Right next to the landing though (where it slopes down) is a death barrier so you can't go any further down that way. The vents however are fair game if you can fall and angle yourself in, you have to slightly crouch when you fall in too. Anyway when you're at the opening of the vent it gives you a great view of the whole room as seen in the video. There are the lower landings that you can jump onto but only on the edge that is facing you is it safe to stand on.

To get to the complete bottom you have to jump onto the the middle ledge next to the vent. Make sure you land on the edge of it facing towards the vent otherwise you'll be in the killbarrier. Then you just walk off into the wall behind you and fall onto the sloped area. And from there you can walk around the whole room and even get onto the middle structure although if you go to high it will kill you. The trench however has a killbarrier at about the 3rd line on the walls that slope into it. I've tried stacking 3 boxes but even that isn't high enough to be above it. And this trick can be done in either sp or cp. So enjoy guys!

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