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Most Exhilirating Deathmatch Ever - 04-01-2009 , 10:33 AM

So I was playing 2v2 Deathmatch with a friend. Both of us used Cutter. We just won the game before using quadruple mac blasts, ODSTs and vultures. This time, we were going to do the same. The map was the flood one that has night time in it.

Our opponents were using the Arbiter and PoR. We start out with me sending two hogs to go in between their bases to get the 2 behind them. They quickly found out but we harassed them a lot. After, I start making vultures and take some bases. Eventually, we were pushed back to 3 bases and they managed to sneak and get a base behind ours. They harassed us a lot but we managed to take the base behind us while our army of 35 ODSTs were taking FOREVER to take down a base with 4 shield generators. They never tried to counter the 35 ODSTs.

Shortly after that attack, my teammate had to go. ^#@%$^&!@%

I took one or two of his bases and got a whopping 65 or 70 population count. I had 3 vultures at that time and made 1 more. I also added to my army of ODSTs. The enemy took some of my teammate's bases and started flanking me... bad. Good thing I had a quadruple mac blasts to help take out the big stuff and repair to heal my bases. They took about 3 bases. My population gradually decreased to 25.

Meanwhile... my 21 jogging ODSTs ran around the map with 4 vultures supporting them. They managed to control of half of the map by themselves. I got 1 of my opponents off guard with only 1 base left and I took it out without knowing it was his last. By this time, the only opponent left was the Arbiter and I had increased my population count to 60 again. Apparantly he only had 1 outpost left and just finished destroying one of my new bases. He quit after realizing that I had about 4/5 of the map and about 30 ODSTs.

I don't know if they were too broke after making so many armies of wraiths and lo--- cannon fodder for our mac or if they didn't have enough food to make more armies. Nevertheless, I won the game. Against 2 guys with my teammate leaving during the first half of the game.

tl;dr, I won a 2v2 DM even though my teammate left.

http://www.halowars.com/stats/StatsG...0-000000000000 <- game

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