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Error loading OS - 02-09-2011 , 10:44 AM

Yesterday my computer froze, which is something it's never done before. It's gotten slow before and the frame rate has dropped a couple times for a few seconds, but it's never completely frozen. I help down the power button, and turned it back on, and just hit enter to "Start Windows normally." It takes me to a black screen with a blinking underscore, and after a few seconds it says "Error loading operating system," or "Operating system not found." Now when I restart, I don't get any prompts to start in safe mode. I still can get into the BIOS and boot menu, and what I'm going to try when I get home is putting a XP on a bootable flash drive, and using that to restore windows (even though I have windows 7, I'm hoping I can restore from a windows 7 save with XP)

Before I try that though, I'm hoping there's something I can do that you guys know will work. Is there any way to restore from the BIOS? I looked around and couldn't find anything. I would really like to resolve this issue without formatting my computer, because I really don't want to rebuild my entire music library, but I do have a windows 7 disc I can borrow from my uncle if I need to reinstall windows.

Thought: Can I restore if I boot from CD when I have the windows installation disc in the CD drive? Like, is there a prompt for it?

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02-09-2011 , 05:35 PM

Originally Posted by Shoe View Post
Thought: Can I restore if I boot from CD when I have the windows installation disc in the CD drive? Like, is there a prompt for it?
I think so...

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02-09-2011 , 06:56 PM

Either buy spinrite, or find someone that already has it. A slow computer followed by an OS error is almost always a problem with the hard drive. Sprinrite should fix it long enough to get your files backed up to an external drive.

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02-09-2011 , 10:48 PM

I've had schlapskie like this happen to me before. Just go in and rebuild the mbr, maybe that will fix it.

Also: keep your computer backed up. I keep a disk image of when I only had Windows installed with a few applications installed, including one that is specific to that install.


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