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Exploring the Great journey, End Game, and Heretic cutscenes - 02-04-2011 , 06:16 AM

Hello all, long time no video posts. Well i've been working on these for a while and trying to upload them to youtube but damn it takes forever to upload them. Anyway after tons of problems with this and various movie editors here they are.

Great Journey Cutscenes pt1:

Pt. 2: with the end game cutscenes and also exploring the hole above great journey that leads into space

Heretic Cutscene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlY5XXXqzRU

Note: Please watch at the highest video settings since at some points the quality seems bad, it's hd cam shaky camming it up on a hd tv lol.

Also any time that I switched to first person mode that is where the character is hidden during the cutscene. In every cutscene bungie hid the playable character somewhere out of frame. I'll take any requests for other cutscenes. I think I still have outskirts saved so i might upload that if i can find it. Anyway thanks for the views and feel free to ask any questions. Also obviously this was done with Yelo and Grumpy told me to post them.

Edit: In the heretic video when i'm above the high chairty looking map and its in a bubble thats what happens when you fly out of the entire map and skybox. It becomes a sphere. And when i'm flying away from the armory with the mc i had to cut like a minute out of that because it took so long to fly from there to high charity. In the end I think these videos for the moment seem to make it look like the maps don't overlap at all. They just wait until it's the time for the cutscene then load that specific map. An example is the end cutscene they loaded that map but left all of the great journey items still intact in it.

dl link:

pt. 2:http://www.filefront.com/17914720/Gr...lore-pt.2.wmv/

http://www.filefront.com/17916370/Armory Cutscene.wmv

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02-05-2011 , 12:53 PM

Awesome vids man, Bungie's pretty messy with the space junk.


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