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Ms. Man Interview - 07-14-2006 , 09:50 PM

Halo trickster interviews: Ms. Man

Many of you have enjoyed the trick videos produced by Ms. Man, and to kick off what I hope will be a continuing series of 'chats', this kind fellow has agreed to wade through a few questions about himself, Halo, and Halo tricks. Hey, it's time we meet some of the strange and elusive creatures behind the vids, eh?


HIH: Give us some details about yourself. Not enough to scare anyone- just the basics.

Ms. Man: My name is Michael Beamish, though most of you know me as Ms. Man. I’m 15 years old and live in Fountain Hills, Arizona. It’s a fairly small town outside of Phoenix- not much to do in the summer because of the heat, but winter’s great. My hobbies consist of BMX, making movies, hanging out with friends, and up until a few months ago, playing Halo.

HIH: What first got you interested in Halo?

Ms. Man: Well, I actually didn’t enjoy Halo the first few times I played it, probably because they were played in my friends Mini Van on a 10” television. I probably wouldn’t even have an Xbox if it wasn’t for the game Midtown Madness 3. You see, I had recently been playing Midtown Madness 2 (the greatest PC game ever) and when I heard a newer version of the game was coming out for Xbox, I had to get it. It turned out that MM3 is nothing like the 2nd and I had to turn to my only other game for Xbox, Halo.

HIH: How did you discover Halo tricking, and do you remember the first trick vid you saw?

Ms. Man: At first I just played campaign, but after I beat the game, it got kind of boring. So I went online to look for cheats that could make game play more fun, and that is when I stumbled onto halo.ibonk.com (now haloib.com). I instantly became amazed by the latest video there, Nickslick’s “Halo Underground 2” and started to do these tricks for myself.

HIH: Out of all the tricks/stunts that you have done, which is your favorite, and why?

Ms. Man: Oh, I’ll have to think about this one. I liked quite a few, but the types of tricks that gave me the most enjoyment were ones that people thought were impossible or close to it. A few of these were, well, for a start the ladders. I got behind Damnation’s, Battle Creek’s, Wizard’s, and Longest’s ladder. I also made it behind Prisoner’s ladder, but Devin Olsen helped out a lot with that one. I also really liked getting 13 players, along with all the vehicles on top of Blood Gulch, getting to the bottom of T&R, to the top of Boarding Action (with Foxygrandpa and Silverspoon), and getting the Banshee outside of Assault on the Control Room. Sorry, I feel like I have to mention all of those.

HIH: Just out of curiousity, what would prompt an otherwise sane person, like yourself, to sit down with an xbox and spend hours trying to get to hard to reach and utterly pointless places in a video game? In other words, what is it about Halo that entices people to endlessly tinker around?

Ms. Man: Just last week I found myself wondering the same thing. Its not like its going to help you in life or anything. I guess its just the idea of doing things the programmers never expected you to do. Well, it can help you in game play. I remember playing with my friends on oddball and hiding at the top of the level. Until they learned how to do it themselves, they hated playing with me.

HIH: Do you still play Halo, or is it on the shelf these days?

Ms. Man: I actually don’t play Xbox much at all. Halo 1 is over for me, and the only time I play H2 is when I go to youth group. There we have a nice set up, two plasma screen televisions and two Xboxes system linked.

HIH: I have to ask, how did you come up with the name ''Ms. Man''? *cringes*

Ms. Man: My friends and I were watching Scary Movie, and for some reason they started to call me Ms. Man. Crap, I hope I don’t have anything in common with that guy from the movie.

HIH: Give me some of your thoughts on the Halo community as a whole.

Ms. Man: Without the community, tricking on Halo wouldn''t be half as fun. I mean, I get most of my enjoyment not from the trick itself, but seing what other people think of it and reading their comments. Without fan sites you couldn''t do that. Also, figuring out stuff would take forever. You would only have yourself and possibly a sibling to work with. You couldn''t go online and ask for help or ideas. I wouldn''t have even started tricking halo if it wern''t for the community.

HIH: Have you done any exploring/tricking in Halo 2, and if so, what do you think about the game so far?

Ms. Man: Honestly, I think H2 is nothing compared to Halo 1 trick wise. A lot of you will disagree with me on that, but it’s my opinion. Game play is pretty cool, but tricking just isn’t the same. And yes, I actually spent the first whole month Halo 2 came out finding tricks, though I never made a video.

HIH: Any additional thoughts, comments, poems, etc?

Ms. Man: Not really, all I have to say is keep up the good work and thanks to the following people for helping me out with tricks, hosting, etc…

Ducain (Jeremy Hunt) - For High Impact Halo, which is my favorite Halo site. (DUCAIN: I did not pay him to say that.)

Frogblast, Dark Helmet, & Nickslick - The Halo players I looked up to.

Foxygrandpa, Silverspoon, Walla Walla, The UPS Man, LaggMatt (AiRsoFt MaTT), Spartan021 (Hackor), TimmE, Brownxx51, Devin Olsen, Juggertrout, & Shaft - For all the fun Halo times we had. I hope I’m not forgetting anyone.)

I’m Out! -Mike Beamish (Ms. Man)

* Thanks to Mike for taking the time to answer a bunch of strange questions. =)

* For a listing of Ms. Man''s Halo tricks, with links to the videos, click here.

-Ducain (01-17-05)

TODO: Place a link to Ms. Man's Archive

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