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01-13-2014 , 01:56 AM

Where to begin? How do you really describe a trick?

I had just watched the video of MisterMonopoli's speedrun of Halo 2 at AGDQ when I saw this video linked on the HighImpactHalo Facebook page. It grabbed my attention. My wife had sat down next to me, and I confused her by explaining the video as best as I could, with no preparation that anything of the sort was coming.

"He's overloaded the games memory, to make a weaponless enemy that can't harm him, so he can carry a checkpoint. You see, the grenades stick to the boxes when they land on the box. So you can move the box yourself and carry a ton more grenades that you normally could anywhere in the map. He has to have one player stare at the grenades to prevent them from despawning from memory. He's using GruntBirthdayParty, a skull or powerup that allows him to have overshields so he can do these grenade jumps. He's used a method called BAWing. Uh, basically he puts himself between weak geometry in the level and an explosion, and it can push him through the wall, into places that can't normally be reached."

Nostalgia. Holy cow, the waves of nostalgia. I gravitate towards the Halo runs the most when I know they're coming, but I was not expecting someone to do the impossible. Who else here spent hours riding on the backs of jetpack elites? How many of you laid eyes on the room from outside of Cairo Station on your own Xbox, and wondered 'How?'.

There are tricks that seem like a simple thing at first glance, but are much more intense in terms of actual work needed. If T2T was Halo's Holy Grail, than this trick is The Ark of Halo 2. To those of us who were here for HIH's glory days, this is an important part of our history. This is a missing link of Halo, a trick loved and loathed.

To put this all into perspective, I had to go back, I had to see just how long this question of how to get in has been around. The first post I could find with the question in the title was this one, posted by guns_n_cars on Nov 12, 2004, 3 days after Halo 2 was released. There were already trick videos being posted. 40 megabyte videos were considered large, and streaming video was almost always out of the question. Youtube wouldn't exist for another 4 months.

Let that sink in. We've wanted to see this since before Youtube.

I am so lucky to have been a part of such a great community. Seriously guys, we made history, and we're still making history. The people doing the tricks and speedruns today are true pioneers, and not just in terms of in-game exploration. You guys are all making history by playing this game and sharing your knowledge and love. When our grandchildren as us what the beginning of the internet looked like, we can point to this site and say to them, this is what it was like for me. It was a community of like-minded individuals who could connect on a global scale over anything and everything. I was there, I was a part of it, and it was fricking beautiful.

Thanks so much for everything guys!


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