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Instant headshot sniper/revenant in MM - 12-06-2010 , 09:16 AM

Someone told me this awesome trick yesterday.

Get in the passenger seat of a revenant holding a sniper. Then point at any enemy. Point your aim anywhere on their body and if it turns red pull the trigger. You will then ALWAYS get a headshot. So just get a friend to drive you around the map and pull the trigger as soon as your reticule turns red. It doesn't matter where you aim on the body, you will always get a headshot! Pretty easing killing;)

Side effect. If you're too far away for the reticule to turn red you can aim anywhere NEAR the body and you will always get a body shot. So if your aim doesn't point at the enemy the bullet still hits it's target (everytime!)

Just posting this really quick because it's quite amazing IMO. I'm getting 30+ kills now per game on btb games on hemmhorage:)

Use this trick to your advantage and get some easy kills.

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12-06-2010 , 10:45 AM

I think this was found by Nowise. If not I saw him upload a video about it 1 month ago :) But yeah it's a really cool trick :D

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12-06-2010 , 02:17 PM

Yeah, I noticed that as well. There is some sort of aim assist when you're a vehicle's passenger. I figured I couldn't get 3 no scopes in a row from inside the revenant so easily.

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12-06-2010 , 04:26 PM

If you want a good idea of how this works in action check out this video.

Reach Top Ten No-Scopes

Fast forward to 2:25 (it's number 3) and or to about 3:02 to see another example of it. Or just watch the whole thing as all the snipes are pretty sweet.

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12-06-2010 , 05:36 PM

I remember someone talking about this on the MLG forums.
Aim assist in passenger seats is a billion times higher (actual stats) that normal.

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12-07-2010 , 02:24 PM

Does this also count for mongoose / warthog?

I'm pretty sure the reticule doesn't turn red in those, just checking.

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12-07-2010 , 04:08 PM

I'm surprised this hasn't been in any reach mythbusters episode yet.


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