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10-01-2006 , 12:05 PM

Originally Posted by SupraDupra
how one would actually get a banshee through that beginning hallway towards the shaft?
It's just slightly tricky. You get out of the banshee a bit to open the door and get back in, then you turn the banshee sideways and start driving forward again. If you drive correctly, you'll go into the hallway. From there it's a little tricky, as you have to look straight down and drive, fiddle with the banshee a bit, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy. Ah, vehicles being crammed places where they shouldn't. A disturbing way of saying it, but still, oddly settling. It's like getting a hog to the control room. Ramming it through those mini hallways is uber fun.

But for the banshee thing, it's kinda hard to explain. I suppose when you get there, it may be easier to understand.

Originally Posted by themann1086
Sure, I'll help! maybe you could show me the ropes
If you can do a PFR, you'll be fine ^_^;

Maybe I will show you the ropes if time permits...

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10-01-2006 , 03:14 PM

Here's the YouTube link:

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10-01-2006 , 04:19 PM

Amazing all around but delaying the checkpoints is so huge its beyond words. I am tearing up I gotta go....

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10-02-2006 , 01:45 AM

I almost fell off my chair when you got that last checkpoint. Amazing use of checkpoints. Astounding overall.

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10-02-2006 , 09:35 AM

um... sure, i can learn pfr. it's been a while since ive done launching, and most of it was h2...

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10-03-2006 , 09:33 PM

prett pretty pretty! excellent use of checkpoint delayage. [douche] ive been trying to put that to good use for a long time, cuz yeh i knew about it [/douche]

anywho, 10/10!


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