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Axcy vs scurty Sword Flying Only Match (Ascension) - 08-29-2010 , 01:55 AM

Just thought I'd share this here with you guys. Basically, the rules of the game are sword flying kills only! It's really fun, you guys should try it out some time.

I'm aware I accidentally got a rocket kill. >_>


There's not exactly a "Theatre" section for Halo 1 and 2, so I posted it here. If it belongs in another forum, could the mods just move it for me please? I'm not sure where it would go.

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Hey There
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08-29-2010 , 11:32 AM

That last kill was pretty sweet, flying off in the distance like that. Also, you've got to be the best swordflyer in the world.


Years. YEARS. That's what I've given this site. It's been hilarious and maddening, mind numbing and thought provoking, moments of astonishment and headaches. The best thing this site has given me one the best community on the 'net. HIH will always be unparalleled.

Thanks for everything, you will be sorely missed.


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08-30-2010 , 10:58 PM

I agree with Noff. That last kill was so elegantly executed!

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08-31-2010 , 12:58 PM

Thanks guys! slYnki might have a one-up on me as of right now; taking a year off completely from Halo has seriously diminished my sword flying skills.. I can still sword fly decently, but I can't do it as quickly as I was able in the past (watch my recent Regret speed run to see what I mean, I fail numerous times, lol).

I agree, when I was falling to my death, I was like "that last kill was awesome!"

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08-31-2010 , 09:13 PM

ROFL, good entertainment. A few more matches like that and you will be back on top of your SF game.

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09-01-2010 , 01:17 PM

Hell, that seems to be loads of fun!
Swordflying is awesome, I would love to do such a match with some of you guys...
It's all about practise. Once, I tried to follow the Library Phantom on QZ to the Human Gondola with Swordflying like that. I had been trying for like three days until I've hurt my hands that way... After that the swordflys were my second nature and I could get them >99% of the time. If you get into it again, it will come back, trust me.
Btw, your "How to Swordfly" Vid has 18k views O_O I remember when you posted that, I've learned SFing from that vid.
You could also have posted this in the H2 Tricking Section, it's dying.


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