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Halo Wars Goes Dark On Dec. 15 - 11-21-2010 , 01:23 PM

"Barely two years after its release, Microsoft is pulling the plug on Halo Wars on Dec. 15, axing leaderboards and stat-tracking as well as the forums. Fans of the real-time strategy game are not pleased."


I, personally, never laid a hand on the game, but it seems to have had a good run.

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11-21-2010 , 04:58 PM

This was the post Kotaku was quoting, has all the other details.

These are the Waypoint forums. We have a Halo Wars sub-forum.

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11-22-2010 , 01:01 AM

The Live leaderboards are not going away, just clearing that up. The handful of top halo wars players that pretty much control the forums (no moderation) are really pissed. One of them already has a site in production, and they will all move there once halowars.com is shut down. They do not like the idea of moving to the Waypoint forums. They just don't fit in with Reach players and such.

They're not pissed because the forums are leaving, surprisingly. What grinds their gears is the fact that the stat tracking system is going bye-bye. This pretty much eliminates any kind of competition. Top players need competition, lol. Some have already migrated to Waypoint and are trying to make the best of the situation, but things are gonna suck.

No stat tracking means no proof of boosting, which means the leaderboards will once again be corrupted with dozens and dozens of boosters. Waypoint forums are still in beta, so hopefully a Halo Wars sub-forum will be developed. The only thing they want, though, is for the stat tracking system to be recovered somehow in the near future. That will save this already half-dead game. :(


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