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Weekly Movie Roundup 4/13/06 - 04-14-2006 , 12:13 AM

Friday Weekly Movie Round-Up

Hi everyone, I am sure you have all been wondering where the weekly movie round-up went, and I was too. So I contacted Ducain, and he and I have decided to start it up again. The only difference between this round-up and the ones before are that they will be posted friday not monday, and I will be writing them.

So to start us off, this week the first thing I saw in the Halo Movies section was a montage entitled "The Rise" created by sHaDoWsnipeR and edited by SDN JaDa 1. The montage was hosted by H2F and entered in the $1000 Montage Contest. The editing in this montage was spectacular along with the gameplay. If you haven't seen this montage yet, I suggest you download it immediately. It's not one to miss! Good luck to these guys in the contest!

The second thing I saw, ironically, was a music video done by myself ;) It was hosted by HBO and in my opinion, very good. It has nice editing, good cinematography, good effects, and good quality. You can get the links to the video in this thread.

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04-14-2006 , 12:41 AM

I <3 you omg a fish!!!

Vote for sHaDoWsnipeR!!!

:D :D :) :D

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04-14-2006 , 12:47 AM

Glad to have you working on the movies Fish, and Shadow- your montage was very well done, kudos to you and your amazing editor.


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04-14-2006 , 02:17 AM

thanks guys, and Ducain, pwnage fp title :D

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04-14-2006 , 02:59 AM

Wow, that montage was heavy duty, nice work!

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04-14-2006 , 09:43 AM

Yeah the montage is awesome, saw it when it was posted. *votes for shadow* :p

And fish, thanks for starting this up again! i really cannot be bothered to sort through 3 pages of the movies section looking for something good when i can just look here! :D

*GO FISH!* Nice round-up, and nice music video!

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04-14-2006 , 02:42 PM

THe Montage is KILLTACULAR! That's the best editing I've ever seen! And those halo1 clips really brought back the good ole' days.

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04-14-2006 , 04:12 PM

Good luck Shadow, I see no chance of you losing.

Nice round up.

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04-14-2006 , 05:07 PM

thank you ducain and fish i have been missing the round up like crazy!! thanks again

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04-15-2006 , 09:50 PM

Nice job Fish, glad you took that load off my hands, haha.

I liked the movies you got, but you didn't really give very good reviews on them. Describe what there about, and point out evey last good thing about them, so people will be interested in actually viewing the movies/montages.

<3 Fish!


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04-16-2006 , 05:17 PM

Yeah, those are pretty nice, I need to start working on montages again, after I conquer Battlefield 2: MC and get my X360 to stop scratching brand new $60 game disks.

Gamesaves Guru.

Last edited by ferrari; 09-21-2006 at 09:38 PM. .


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