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Into the Halo 2 Cairo cutscene room - done - 01-12-2014 , 05:22 PM

Another long-time and seemingly impossible tricking goal has, like T2T, succumbed to the sheer force of will from a Halo tricking community that simply refused to give up on it. Many people from the Halo 2 tricking days have contributed to this challenge over the years, and it was very recently completed by DrBizz.

Since I’ve never been as knowledgeable as I’d like regarding Halo 2 tricking, CoD15 (via the HIH Facebook group) stepped up to help me describe the significance of the accomplishment:

“On the 2nd level, Cairo Station, at the very end of the level there is a room below the final playable area of the game that's reserved for the final cutscene where Master Chief opens the doors to the space station and grabs hold of the covenant bomb, sending him out of the ship with it.

This is the cutscene I'm referring to:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpByy8bRzyo

For roughly 10 years, trickers have worked on trying to get themselves into this "cutscene room." Many have tried, many have failed. It's Halo 2's equivalent (effort-wise) of Halo 1's T2T.”

Well done DrBizz, and congrats to the community as a whole for sticking it out for this one. Definitely worthy of unfreezing the cryo tank for just a moment.

Youtube link
Jumprs.org forum thread

Ducain - HIH Admin - Ducain@gmail.com

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HIH <3
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01-12-2014 , 05:29 PM

DrBizz is one of the best trickers to come out. Hes accomplished major achievements and has kept the Halo 2 tricking community alive. Huge congratulations to him for defeating this challenge and props to everyone who was there to help and support.

Well done buddy.

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01-12-2014 , 06:06 PM

Where's the "pickle"? Leave it behind?

Congratz DrBizz!

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01-12-2014 , 06:12 PM

'There are those who said this day would never come.. What are they to say now?'

I can only say, this is probably the greatest trick that has ever been done. DrBizz has worked on the setup for over a year, so make sure to check out the videos of the setup and the background when they are released.
It's amazing how, after almost 10 years, this challange finally gets completed. So many thoughts and so much persistence have gone into this to finally make it work.

Congratulations to DrBizz, you are one of the greatest and most inspiring trickers ever.

HIH.... It feels so good to post here once again.

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01-12-2014 , 06:46 PM

Thanks Duke, awesome being here one last time.

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01-12-2014 , 07:21 PM

Again, congratulations on pulling off this master piece of a trick! This definitely deserves to be engraved in here on HIH, alongside of T2T :)

It also feels great to post here again!

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01-12-2014 , 07:23 PM

It's nice to be here again. Great job on completing this awesome trick, Bizz.

I'll miss this website more than words can describe. I'm so incredibly sad to see it go. I want to say thanks to all the staff that have kept this place up and running for all this time. I'm proud to have been a part of such an amazing website and such a great community. Thanks for all the wonderful memories.

Farewell, HIH.


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01-12-2014 , 07:27 PM

Even after all the years I've been a part of this amazing community, it's still mind blowing to me to see how far we can push the games we love.

This is the place that truly made me believe that anything you set your mind to is possible. That in and of itself is absolutely invaluable to me, and this trick alone is a shining example of the lunacy that inspires that mindset.

Thank you for never giving up, and thank you for doing HIH justice.

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01-12-2014 , 07:36 PM

Feels nice to get a chance to post again. Thank god for the HIH Facebook page helping to spread this.
I remember spending hours attempting this back in 2007 or so, and eventually thought it was a lost cause. Its amazing to that there are community members here still attempting some of the oldest tricks out there. Wonderful work! And I am so happy to see this legitimately completed.

The fact that there is still stuff being accomplished in Halo 2, and not the newer Halo titles, really goes to show how amazing of a game this was for glitching. It is a shame we do not even have a quarter of the stuff to do in Halo 4 tricking-wise. There is always the future, however. Who knows what will get thrown at us.

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01-12-2014 , 07:48 PM

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01-12-2014 , 07:51 PM

Great job again Bizz!

Feels good to be back on HIH even for this short time.

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01-12-2014 , 08:06 PM

Holy hell! What an incredible job well done.

Kudos to you for all the hard work

On a side note, it feels amazing to be posting here again <3

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01-12-2014 , 08:07 PM

Originally Posted by Orange Soda King View Post
EDIT: And when cutscene room is finished, you'll open back up for that, too?
Evidently so!

Originally Posted by NOKYARD View Post
Where's the "pickle"? Leave it behind?

Congratz DrBizz!
He doesn't need a bomb, he's got an extra Spartan!

New challenge, cutscene room single-player!

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See ya laser ;)
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01-12-2014 , 08:21 PM

I was never very knowledgeable about the specifics of this trick, however I do know that it was insanely difficult. With that being said, it's absolutely incredible that this has been pulled off. Congrats for kicking this challenges ass, and a big thanks to Duke for letting us on here to post one last time. Feels good to be here again!

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01-12-2014 , 08:25 PM

Fantastic work Dr. Bizz, and thanks for the post Ducain.

Posting here on HIH is such amazing nostalgia. Man, THE FEELS!

Not sure if I should be sad or happy, but regardless this is a moment to go down in the history books.

Halo Tricking forever.

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01-12-2014 , 08:38 PM

Damn it feels weird to be posting on this account again... A little dirty actually.

SuperWaffle here. And As I said before bizz, you have closed a chapter of tricking history that started almost a decade ago. You will be mentioned with the great halo 2 trickery like due lies, grumpy, POTS, and countless others over these last 10 years.

Relish in your accomplishment. You earned it for sure. I'm so proud of you. I knew if this would ever be done, it would be done by you. So I think we all would like to thank you for not giving up.

I don't know what else to say really. Except thanks. Let's celebrate!

p.s: looking through my old posts feels like looking at a totally different person.

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Gramps - 01-12-2014 , 09:45 PM

I decided to let anyone interested see a 65 old man. Sorry if it doesn't work, this is the only pic of me, taken by mistake about 3 weeks ago:


Tricker_against_daodds Offline
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01-12-2014 , 09:48 PM

T2T and the cutscene room, after lurking for so long I can't believe they're actually done. Congrats to bizz. I'm surprised it happened but not surprised it was you that pulled it off.

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Lightbulb 01-12-2014 , 10:42 PM

After years and years of attempts. Someone finally did it.


This was absolutely incredible!!!

If anyone is wondering, here is the link to the facebook group for HIH members to keep up with each other. It stays decently active but not overbearing!


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01-12-2014 , 10:59 PM

This is a statement to and by gamers and trickers alike that truly anything is possible when we dedicate ourselves to our respective crafts. This is a feat that has been a culmination of years of hard work and dedication and it's only fitting that it got it's shout out here, a site build on it's community and talented trickers.

Even now, after years of cryo-sleep, we all gather to praise the determination of the community as a whole. This isn't just a win for Bizz. This is win for all of us as a community and it's a bittersweet victory. I find myself asking "What now?"

Bizz is one of the best damn trickers I've ever seen. I'm sure that this accomplishment will fuel his love for tricking and drive him to take on new challenges much like the Cutscene Room. Cheers, Bizz.

It feels good to post here again. Even if it is just temporary. And thanks for the mention, Duke. Hopefully this won't be the last time HIH opens it's doors for a special occasion. There are always more miracles to perform!

Sleep tight, HIH. We'll wake you when we need you.


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