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Hello HIH!! - 03-26-2011 , 04:50 PM

Hello HIH, I have been an avid visitor of this site since before 2005/6 (time flies!!). I have seen this site grow and change over the years, both for the good and bad. Mainly for the good of course, but unfortunately life throws things at people in different ways, great trickers came and went and occasionally came back. (If you have been here long enough I am guessing you know whom I talking about!) One thing that remained was the tricking!! And Plenty of it.

I was introduced to tricking solely because of Halo 2 supper bouncing. That day, I knew that Halo 2 would be a game that I would play over and over and for years to come, but even then I had NO IDEA what was in store for me. I decided to see if there were others, I searched the internet and I came across a webpage ( I can't for the life of me remember what it was) that listed 50 or so SB's and how to do them. I think the page was yellow for some reason, could be wrong. That page ended up being picked up by HIH and my underground hobby came alive. HIH introduced me to the amazing things the HALO franchise brought to a niche group in the gaming community. Who would have known hucking a Hog threw the air would be soooo much fun. For that matter playing multiplayer, hours on end, by yourself (YES, this is an understatement!!)

I was never someone who posted much, but was always watching/waiting for the next trick/glitch to pop up. Back then you didn't have to wait a month to get a tut. HIH became a place for me to go to to pass time until I could get home to play Halo and try the things I saw you guys/gals doing here even if I wasn't sure if I could replicate it. I honestly couldn't get enough. And to this day this I feel the same way!

When I hopped back on here yesterday, I saw "some" of the saddest news I have seen posted on this site, the announcement of the end of era. HIH has been a huge part of my gaming life! I can tell you for certainty without this site/community my Halo career would have been cut drastically.

I just want to thank EVERYONE that had any part in this site over the years! Keeping a website like this active takes time and isn't easy. HAHA, Somewhat reminds me of Tricking/glitching...Both are very time consuming and can be frustrating at times, because of this I am grateful. Keep Tricking/Glitching and just having fun!

Thanks Again!!

RU Custum A.K.A Paul

*Sorry about the wall of text!

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03-26-2011 , 09:31 PM

Maybe this should have been posted in the thread Ducain started where you read this bad news. But I agree, it is very sad to see it go.

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03-28-2011 , 12:59 PM

Is there any way for me to move it? After I hit post I thought..maybe I should have put it there!

Edit: I posted this there as well. Is there a way for me to delete this post?


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