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Dark Helmet Interview - 07-14-2006 , 10:09 PM

Halo trickster interviews: Dark Helmet

In our ongoing series of interviews with Halo tricksters, I'm pleased to be able to ask a few questions of Dark Helmet. Most (if not all) of you have heard of this guy. He's an HIH admin, and you guys are no doubt familiar with his vids. As a matter of interest, it was one of his early vids, "The Three Towers", that first interested me in Halo tricks.

* Ducain enters the HIH virtual lounge, expecting to find a small man with a large black helmet, and is surprised to see some old guy sitting on the couch, flipping wildly through the TV channels and demanding more cheese puffs. *


HIH: Give us some details about yourself. Who is Dark Helmet?

Dark Helmet: Well, my name is Rich. I live in Ft. Myers Florida, and I'm 35 years old and I have a 6 year old son. Ive been into gaming since I was probably 6 myself. I remember I took apart my Pong console to see if I could make the paddles move faster. It never worked again, but I did learn a valuable lesson. Always find where that extra part/screw goes.

HIH: What first got you interested in Halo?

Dark Helmet: A friend of mine called me one night and asked me if I was getting an Xbox which was going to be released the following week. I was like "No, I'm pretty happy with my Playstation." Then he said I should come over and check out the issue of OXM he had and look at an article about a game called "Halo". Reluctantly I agreed and went to his place and checked out the article. Once I read the article I just had to have the game. So, I put down the money to reserve the Xbox and Halo that night.

HIH: How did you discover Halo tricking, and do you remember the first trick vid you saw?

Dark Helmet: I discovered tricking by watching the very first Halo video I ever saw, "Warthog Jump" by Randall Glass. I liked it so much I would grab every friend or neighbor that was willing, and drag them to my place and show them the video. Then one day a friend asked if I could do that. I was like, "Im sure I could." From that moment on my social life was never the same.

HIH: Out of all the tricks/stunts that you have done, which is your favorite, and why?

Dark Helmet: I really dont have a favorite, I dont know...maybe getting the marine on top of the blue beam tower in Halo 1. It was definitely one of the toughest. I probably spent 15-20 hrs trying to find the perfect placement of the hog and the nades to get him to fly in the right direction. It was all worth it though. Just sending him to the edge and watching the blue beam splatter him across the map, lol. I cant get enough of that.

HIH: Just out of curiousity, what would prompt an otherwise sane person, like yourself, to sit down with an xbox and spend hours trying to get to hard to reach and utterly pointless places in a video game? In other words, what is it about Halo that entices people to endlessly tinker around?

Dark Helmet: I guess its just human nature to want to see whats on the other side of that hill, or what, if anything, is on top of that tower. Or it could be just the burning need to answer questions like, "Do the things outside this underwater elevator really exist, or are they just decals on a wall?" Sometimes I just wanna see what the view looks like from the top of a building, or a waterfall.

HIH: Do you still play Halo, or is it on the shelf these days?

Dark Helmet: It's pretty much on the shelf gathering dust. I pulled it out a bit back and made a high res version of blasting a marine off the top of the blue beam tower, but thats been about it since Halo 2 came out.

HIH: What would you say is your greatest 'contribution' to the Halo tricking scene?

Dark Helmet: I like to think I have inspired some people to give these things a shot. Maybe they took what I have done and expanded on it and came up with something new. When I first started this stuff there was only a couple guys doing it: Frogblast, Xbill and Randall Glass are about the only ones I can really think of. Now, there's so many tricksters that I can't keep track of them. It seem like every day someone new posts a new vid of a cool new trick. I only hope that at least some of them have watched my videos and been inspired.

HIH: Give me some of your thoughts on the Halo community as a whole.

Dark Helmet: Man, the Halo community is the best. There are so many guys that spend countless hours to maintain hugely busy sites. Guys like Louis Wu, Fluffy, and you give up a big part of their free time just to make sure the community is kept up to date and entertained. I mean,we have people that jump right up to donate bandwidth for movies knowing it could very well bring down their site. Thats dedication. I guess I really think I wouldn't want anything to change. We have just about everything as it is.

HIH: Have you done any exploring/tricking in Halo 2, and if so, what do you think about the game so far?

Dark Helmet: Yeah, Ive done a few things. I think the game designers should have tried a little harder to keep us away from some places...but then again, what's the point? Some overly obsessive guy (like myself) will find a way to get past the barrier some poor level designer spent 16 hrs creating to keep us out of the ocean or whatever. Over all, I think it's a great game. Is it better than the first? The jury is still out on that.

HIH: Any additional thoughts, comments, poems, etc?

Dark Helmet: I guess I would just like to thank everyone for their great comments on my work. Most people know the really tough ones take alot of time and its nice to hear when its appreciated.

* Thanks to Rich for taking a moment to answer some questions for us. I hope you guys enjoy it; I know I did.. =)

You can check out his website here: http://helmetsstuff.com


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