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Exclamation Reach Beta End-Date Announced & More - 04-29-2010 , 01:52 PM

First of all, let's start with this news tidbit:

"...Activision will have exclusive, worldwide rights to publish and distribute all future Bungie games."

So, now that you're all beaming with joy, here's where the thread title kicks in:

"The Halo: Reach multiplayer Beta begins on May 3rd and our current target end date is now set for May 19th."


Personally, I'm extremely disappointed at the ~2 week length of the Beta. I was getting prepared to buckle-down on it come the end of finals, but it's pretty much done when I'm done the semester. This sucks, and I don't see why having 2 more weeks would be a problem. :( It says current target end date, meaning it could change. Man, I hope they already plan on changing it and they're just trying to set us up for a great moment of joy. We'll have to enjoy it while it lasts. </3

The Activision thing...well...I guess we'll have to see if it has an effect on what Bungie bring next; probably not.

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04-29-2010 , 02:06 PM

"Find the glitches"
"Oh, btw, you only have 2 weeks and can't make customs."

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04-29-2010 , 02:26 PM

Okei Dokei: Activision + Bungie = win win win! If you read the whole article at B.net they don't forgoet to mention that Bungie is STILL an independent Game Studio and that there 10 year partnership with Blizzard is only being used to target larger audiences across a larger group of platforms for gaming. Bungie will still have there own time frame on when they make games and what not, Activision has no say in that, but Activision is phenomenal at advertising and what not so I think that's great!

and as far as only 2 weeks for the Beta, I wasn't expecting much more. Halo 3 went 3 weeks right? I'm sure once they add Network Test 1 or "Generator Defense" on the 14th they will run into some problems and pay us back with a few extra days of gameplay. :) Let's hope for the best.

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04-29-2010 , 02:35 PM

At least they won't be arsonskies when teasing a game and will actually say "This is the game" and not have some drawn out teaser.

I wonder if you can do what Halo 2 players are still doing, by leaving their consoles on after the closing date, either way I bet they're going to make the date longer; wasn't the Halo 3 Beta supposed to end early, but the date was changed so they moved it a few days back?

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04-29-2010 , 04:18 PM

Well, that also happened with the Halo 3 beta: A bunch of people left their consoles on for weeks after it was done. But that Beta had custom games (You had to glitch them out of it, but they were there) so it didn't matter the matchmaking went dead.

The reach beta has no custom games at all, so once the matchmaking is gone, it's over. But you can probably enjoy the menus until the game releases. :/

I posted a discussion thread about the Bungie / Activision deal in the Gaming and Console forum./ And Stockwell makes a good point.

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04-29-2010 , 07:30 PM

So is it being renamed Call Of Duty: Halo: Reach ?

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04-29-2010 , 10:21 PM

I finish finals on the 6th then its halo time on my new/good internet at my new apartment!!!

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04-30-2010 , 12:42 PM

Originally Posted by Causeofdeath15 View Post
"Find the glitches"
"Oh, btw, you only have 2 weeks and can't make customs."
hahaha ftw


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