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Pictures of Everyone! Join the funsies! - 07-13-2008 , 08:21 PM

I got galador's approval for this thread. So in the event of a Staff Beatdown, all blame may be placed on Stingraid galador.

Yes, we have an "HIH User Database" (which is very outdate). But this thread just serves a purpose of letting other members know that "it's amazing what you'll find Face to Face"- erm, sorry, Daft Punk was playing.
Basically, post a picture of yourself. And keep em coming. There isn't some master list or layout, just post whenever you feel like it.
Note: bonus points will be given to people with the words "HighImpactHalo", "HIH", "I love FooFoo", or the HIH logo in them.

I'll start:

Best. Statue. Ever.


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Corgi, I dare say...
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07-13-2008 , 08:24 PM

Me representin' in the Brand New shirt at Beale Street Music Fest. =]

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07-13-2008 , 08:42 PM

this is an old picture. i look way different now mainly because of the hair. kudos to whoever figures out who i am

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07-13-2008 , 08:52 PM

EDIT: Two and a half years later, i'd rather these pics not be here.

Last edited by Chas; 12-09-2010 at 12:33 AM. .

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07-13-2008 , 08:52 PM

Most recent pic I could find

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07-13-2008 , 08:59 PM

Foofoo, I did not know you were a moose! =O!

-reserved for my pic kay?-


EDIT: It's been over 5 Months since I posted this. x)

Well, here it is. :O

Last edited by Doubtful; 12-30-2008 at 05:58 PM. .

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07-13-2008 , 09:01 PM

Hey! Its (not so old) Olmanjenkens!

Last edited by Olmanjenkens; 07-16-2008 at 11:46 PM. .

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07-13-2008 , 09:22 PM

Me and marshmallows

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07-13-2008 , 09:46 PM

That's the (best) most recent photo of me. I got my lip pierced on MY left side last Friday though.

Ghost Faction
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07-14-2008 , 12:06 AM

I'm simply that amazing

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07-14-2008 , 12:13 AM

Me with MY KITTEH! :D Oh, forgot to mention I also tag my house.

Edit: Sorry for the pic quality. I have no clue why it came out this bad in terms of quality.

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Ooo - I like madness!
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07-14-2008 , 12:24 AM

Why yes...I will eat your children....

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07-14-2008 , 12:52 AM

This pic is from August 07.

Don't click! It's painfull
lol j/k

Geeze Ghost Faction. I didn't know you were an old lady.

lol j/k
Don't kill me!

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07-14-2008 , 09:57 AM

Aviators make you look cool. Even if I'm always cool. They just make me cooler. (And if you want to know why I'm wearing aviators at school, well it's because they're not mine and one of my friends wanted me to wear them to take a pic, so voil.)

Last edited by OTfor2; 09-23-2008 at 04:48 PM. . Reason: Added pics

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07-14-2008 , 11:40 AM

Originally Posted by Mast3r-117
Geeze Ghost Faction. I didn't know you were an old lady.
GF is a set of fluorescent bulbs.

Last edited by Tspoonami; 07-14-2008 at 10:16 PM. .

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07-14-2008 , 01:38 PM

Wow, I was about to make this thread last night.. Just couldn't find my camera.

Took this like a month or so ago.

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07-14-2008 , 02:59 PM

I think this was taken on the last day of school for me

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MineCraft > Reach
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07-14-2008 , 04:31 PM

Click spoiler to reveal hottness.

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07-14-2008 , 05:46 PM

Me. Sexay?

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07-14-2008 , 08:21 PM

Here's my most recent picture. I'm trying to lose weight.


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