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Jumping / Bouncing Discussion rules. *Read* - 09-05-2006 , 08:01 AM

Bouncing Discussion Rules
Thread by Reiko.


Here at the jumping discussion, we like to keep things nice and tidy. In order to do so, we must have rules to follow if we want to keep this trend.
If you really want to be part of the community, contribute and follow the rules. Simple concept, go with it. :)

Forum Ettiquette

No posting of pornographic, inappropriate adult, copyrighted, or virus infected content. I can assure you, you will be banned at first sight.

No spamming. This forum is for jumping and superbouncing, nothing else ...

Double + posting is not allowed. If you feel the need to post again, select the edit post button and add the extra text there.

Pirating or advocating pirating of software. Do not post any material of this sort or you will definately be banned.

Treat others as you would like to be treated. It earns threads a lock and a warning for the first time. Second time results in a ban.

Do not post with "will edit". Moderators are becoming strict with this since a number of members forget to make the edit.

No bumping, AT ALL!

Jumping Discussion Rules

If you're posting, make sure your subject is jumping. If it's not, it will be moved/locked.

If you're looking for a clan, people to play with or have recently created a new clan, always resort to the Halo Online Discussion forum. I'm sure people will be in the same situation for you.

If you're looking for something like a video or topic, use the search feature. I don't know how many times it has to be said. You will not be helped unless you ask in the Jumping Q&A, have used the search and failed miserably and have looked in both of the archives. If you're going to ask in the Jumping Q&A, make sure it actually has something to do with jumping.

Do not post in the Official JUMPS Rules thread unless you have something to ask or have something to contribute. Like a random map selector for example.

Do not post in the archives unless you are making a submission and/or posting something regarding a previous submission. Anything else is regarded as spam and will be dealt with accordingly.

Any threads that go against these rules will be locked or moved. Whichever the mods/admins feel appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why has my topic been moved/ locked/ deleted?[/color][/color]
A. It's a guarantee that your thread has disobeyed the rules in some way. The best thing to do is PM one of the forum leaders and ask them why. Make/ sure they moderate the forum in which your topic was originally created. They will be happy to give you an explaination.

Q. How do I delete a post if I make one by accident?
A. First click this button:

Then click the delete button:

Finally, make it look like this and click delete:

And you're done!

Q. How do I play the game JUMPS?
A. Simple. Click this.

Q. How do I know if my video is good enough for front page?
A. Submit your video to the News Submission. Make sure to leave a little description and a link to the original forum thread.

Q. What factors should I take into consideration when making a video?
A.[1] Does this video contribute to the community?
[2] Has this been documented before?
[3] Is the video too lengthy?
[4] Did you spend a decent amount of time editing and filming?

Q. I want to join a clan but I don't know anyone who is recruiting. What do I do?
A. Direct yourself to the Halo Online Discussion forum and look around to see if anyone is offering. If there isn't, make a new topic describing your pro's and con's, like's dislikes, things you like to do. Whatever you feel appropriate.

Q. Am I allowed to post jumping and superbouncing competitions?
A. Of course you are. That is as long as you have went into thorough details and thought hard about it. They are hard work and require a lot of dedication.

Q. Why is ReiKo so sexy?
A. Some questions just do not have an answer. This being one of them.

Useful Links

:: High Impact Halo Home Page ::
:: High Impact Halo V3 Forum ::
::High Impact Halo V3 Search ::
:: High Impact Halo V2 Forum ::
:: High Impact Halo V2 Search ::
:: High Impact Halo News ::
:: High Impact Halo Special Features ::
:: High Impact Halo News Submission ::

:: The Archive ::
:: Jumping Q&A Thread ::
:: The Official JUMPS Rules ::
:: The Superbounce/Jumping Clan List ::
:: Halo Jumping Discussion ::
:: Halo Bouncing Discussion ::

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