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Revival - TV
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07-12-2007 , 08:11 AM

A lot of these are just bounces with a silly unnecessary explaination.

Shadow bounce?

Cloud bounce?

Whoever made these kind of bounce types just looked at the bounce and thought, "hey, I landed on a shadow. It must be a shadow bounce!".

Meh, if you're going to do this, use a little more thought. Gridlines are everywhere, so if you're going to use that as a type of bounce, there shouldn't be any other types.

One more thing, "delayed or pressure bouncing".

Pressure bouncing? A superbounce is a pressure launch, which means this kind of bouncing is pressure pressure launching.

See what I mean? CBF going into more detail with this, but if you'd like help with this, get in contact with me. I know you want an extensive library, but some things are best kept to simplicity.

"I done a shadow cloud ghost parabola bounce!"

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07-12-2007 , 08:35 AM

the redundancy of all these definitions is just plain stupid. just cause you alter your speed somehow to do a bounce doesn’t mean it needs a name. like reiko said, gridlines are gridlines, every bounce is done on a gridline, whether you can see it or not is irrelevant. no name needed. just cause you bounced off something that looked like something doesn’t mean its a new type of bounce...

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Revival - TV
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07-12-2007 , 08:39 AM

Originally Posted by demolisher7
Cloud bounce: As far as I know, it is a bounce where you change your TV settings to find bounces.

Merely a myth. Thing's shouldn't be added where information is extensive "as far as" you're knowledge goes.


Delayed super bouncing or "Pressure bouncing": A type of superbounce in which you land in the designated spot and stay there for about 5 seconds while walking around, and then you shoot up in the air. They usually go higher than normal superbounces.
Video link: Headlong Bridge Launching done by DWT

Pressure launching, that's all. More suited under the multiplayer tricks discussion forum.

French bounce: A type of bounce where you are crouching throughout the whole time you are walking, in the air from your jump or walkoff, and landing.
Video link: Team Excell's French bouncing

Flatground slant: A type of slant bounce where you land on a flat surface.
Video link: Dungeon Bounce by Jkilla9611

Hooch bounce: This isn't neccesarily a type of bounce, but it has to do more with the destination of the bounce. All you do is bounce into a hooch.
Video link: (This should help a LOT.) Yomamagotbeef(J Enigma)'s Hooch bounce from New Heights.

Completely pointless.


Invisible gridline bounce: A bounce where you land on a gridline that you can not see.
Video link: Need one.

Just a bounce...

Low bounce
You have forward momentum perpendicular to a gridline and get a "low" bounce. -Very nice definition captain ;)
Video link: Coming soon.

So basically this is the same as every other bounce with exception to how much momentum you're carrying?


Multibouncing: A continuous superbounce string consisting of 2 or more bounces in a row, without stopping.
Video link: 4real freestyle by...4real.

Monster bounce: Well, I'll leave this one up to you guys. There is no specific defintion, and a monster bounce is how high you get in someone's opinion. Actually, every bounce is a monster bounce, but monster bounces give you a better probability of getting very high. A general idea if you don't know--You get very high.
Video link: Monster bounce TuT buy dranserv and NateDawgz



Overbouncing:A type of superbounce where you do an overjump (without crouching) to get extra height before you bounce.
Video link: There aren't any existing ones.

Again, pointless.


Pal 50/60 bounce: Two different settings for your xbox, and for pal 50, you don't have to jump from such high places. Pal 50 is also known for how hard it is to do monster bounces like the palm tree monster.
Pal 50 video link: Post one please
Pal 60 video link: Post one please

Parabola bounce: A type of bounce where you slide down a corner of a building on your way down from a bounce, and land at the bottom of the corner of the building(where there is an invisible gridline), to get another bounce.
Video link: None

A superbounce basically.

Partner bounce: A bouncing style in which you either get double jumped or you just jump of someone's head for extra height.
Link to vid: Containment partner bounce by T3sticle Canc3r

Ping pong bounce: A double slant bounce that sends you back to the general area of your first bounce on your second bounce.
Video link: Ping to the Pong by MaStEr IrOc



Rubble Bouncing: A superbounce in which you do a rubble jump before landing for the superbounce.
Video link: Has not been filmed.


Super bounce: A very quick pressure launch that occurs where you crouch under a place where you can stay crouched when you let go of crouch or do a timmy, and land on a gridline and go horizontally and vertically, or just vertically. (You might be able to go horizontally, but that hasn't been filmed yet. )
Video link: First tombstone bounce by ocossin77

String bounce: A string of bounces where you stop between certain bounces and go to somewhere else for another bounce.
Video link: Big crane bounce by ColioLio.

Spring bounce: Any type of bounce where you have to crouch in midair, whether you hit a wall in midair or not.
Video link: Spring bouncing by Team FX (someone give me a normal spring bounce link. )

Slant bounce: A type of bounce that gives you a large horizontal boost, usually bounced on on a slanted surface, but there are some flatground slants.
Video link: Slant bounce video by IbreakYoface and oneshot7

Stack/Host Bouncing: A type of superbounce that you can only do when you are host; you use the stacking technique of jumping(or shooting rockets and throwing nades) to get higher on the bounces you try.
Video link: JM Hen's Host Bouncing video

Speed bouncing: A bouncing technique where you have oddball or juggernaut speed so you can jump farther, to do bounces that are too far away with normal speed.
Video link: Don't know one

Slide bouncing: Similar to speed bouncing, doing a slide jump (without crouching) before a bounce to gain extra speed; causing you to go farther.
Video link: We are back

More complication.

Shadow bounce: Where you land on the edge of a shadow, i.e. the single for the relic bounce.
Video link: Coming soon.


Nuff said.


Texture bounce: Where you land on a certain texture that has the same gridline pattern as the same texture in a different place.

Video link: None


Tip bouncing: A type of bounce where you jump from a higher height of a normal superbounce's jump, and you tip off of a ledge to land on the designated superbounce area, getting a bounce.
Video link: None

This explaination wont help anyone starting off.

This thing is far too complicated.

All you need are the main types of bouncing and general bouncing information. Nothing else. Who is this thing aimed at? The people who come up with these crazy new bounces or the people who need help with bouncing? If the latter, this wont help them in the slightest.

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07-12-2007 , 03:42 PM

half the things you call pointless arent pointless at all.

they have big differences as well as similiarities..but all you care to do is look at the similiarities..yes, some of those definitions are redundant, and some make no sense and need to be changed..but i feel like your coming off a little too strong, because ALOT of this makes sense and IMO needs to be here.

ReiKo Offline
Revival - TV
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07-12-2007 , 08:11 PM

All I'm saying is keep it simple. You want this thing so much, yet you don't understand how to make it work properly and professionally. If I were doing something of this stature, I'd want it to be done carefully.

Keep definitions as clear and as simple as possible.
Keep submissions to a minimum. What's the point in having more than one submission which fits many?

Keep it to technique definitions, general bouncing slang (words people use on XBL etc) and words which are used in tutorials such as "crouch spot" or "take off point". Get me?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for this idea. I'd just rather see it done right, not sloppy and full of complications. I offered demolisher my help, what more can I do?

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Revival - TV
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07-12-2007 , 08:20 PM

So you understand/agree... ?


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07-12-2007 , 08:23 PM

i agree partly, but i i have decided to stop arguing my point furthur because you are mostly correct..

and i agreed with you beforehand, i just thought you came off a little strong because some things you said didnt make sense i thought made sense, but thats just my opinion..

so yes, i agree. :p

ReiKo Offline
Revival - TV
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07-17-2007 , 04:29 PM

Either this thing is dead or there is some serious contemplating going on. Organising and taking care of a sticky isn't as easy as most people from this discussion think :) This is a perfect example.

It could be a huge success too...

ReiKo Offline
Revival - TV
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07-17-2007 , 06:52 PM

There's a difference between being thorough and being over-the-top. There's plenty of possible definitions and words without adding hundreds of things that fall under the same category. If you want to do it that way, you might as well write a full one and use the same abbreviations etc that dictionaries have.

The choice is your's and your's only.

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12-18-2007 , 09:19 PM

WTF is an overbounce?? <WTF

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12-19-2007 , 12:30 AM

overjumping into a bounce. check the jumping q&a for a more in depth definition of overjump.


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