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Checkpoint (Timed race map) - 01-29-2011 , 11:54 PM

I've been working on this map for a few days now and it seems like it's ready to be played by anyone willing to give it a shot. The map uses pre-made aspects of Forge World and mixes them with certain objects to turn the average into a playground for racers. I've also made an "expert" version with some slight tweeks to add an extra level of difficulty.

Checkpoint has 5 trials that you must pass in order to claim victory. They are:

Spiral Mountain

Like most things in life, you must start at the bottom and work your way up from there. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Est. Completion Time: 1 min.

Leap of Faith

Reaching the top of the mountain only to hit rock bottom moments later isn't as bad as it sounds... At least you get a jet pack to cushion your fall. Flight back and reach the second checkpoint...

Est. Completion Time: 30 seconds

Dash of Death

You must be quick on your feet if you hope to make it though this trial with your life.

Est. Completion Time: N/A

Confusion Cove

7 teleporters... One leads to your freedom. The other 6? Frustration.

Est. Completion Time: 25 seconds

Onix Rock Wall

Like the pokemon? Yes, like the pokemon. This trial will test your jumping ability, as well as your ability to determine the correct KIND of jump to make.

Est. Completion Time: 1 minute

Now that you know they lay of the land, I present Checkpoint...

Checkpoint - Map

Checkpoint EXPERT - Map w/ changes

Time Trial - Gametype used for Checkpoint

You've got 3 minutes, but you may add some minutes if you're having trouble finishing under par.

And for those of you who are lost, this video shows a walkthrough of the regular map(RUINS THE 4TH TRIAL). For those of you looking for an expert walkthrough, you're out of luck. :P

Have fun. And of course, feedback is welcome. Good or bad. I had fun making this so I'd like to gather some opinions and make an even better map the next time around. :)

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02-01-2011 , 06:03 AM

Just downloaded it. Looking forward to messing around with it tomorrow. Looks good.


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