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Hold X to Trick - Mesmerize - 09-29-2006 , 08:09 PM

Have you ever thought that Halo 2 glitches have all been discovered?
Well, Hold X to Trick, a new Halo glitching clan,
has just finished a huge variety video with many new tricks.
These glitches might amaze you more that the hype created by DefyLogic about Epidemic.
The video, Mesmerize, includes 30 minutes of mind blowing footage.
The video has been separated into three different parts.
Also, we have created three different resolutions (high, medium, and low)
for the convenience of our viewers.
Clan Hold X to Trick hope you like the video
and be sure to see Hold X to Trick in many more productions that will be coming soon.
Video's of the 2 Completed Challenges in the video,
will be posted later

Hold X to Trick Forums

Thanks to all of you who have helped with making this video,
if your not in the credits but you did help tell me and i'll put your name here.
Hold X to Trick.

People who i forgot :

Halogamer55 V2 a.k.a My Name Is Eric
Io a.k.a Carrot Ninja

Music Credits.
songs in random order.

Immediate Music - Judgement Day

immediate music - requiem rave

Immediate Music - The Chronicles Of Narnia (Internation Trailer

immediate music - Naked Prey

Immediate Music - Serpents Teeth

Immediate Music - Blasphemy 2.0

Immediate Music - Liberation! - Choir

The Matrix Reloaded - Mona Lisa Overdrive

Hans Zimmer - The Rock Main theme

Lord of the Rings - Requiem for a Dream remix

Sonata Arctica - My Selene


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09-29-2006 , 08:09 PM

~Reserved for Tutorials~

Flaming Hog Tut.

We don't know how to do it >.<
What we did when it happend was, i had my guest in the turret of the hog then dummied the hog, pushed the dummied hog through the level into the orb(where you make big holograms of yourself and Oddballs), then Durbin made a hologram of himself and it fell over the real hog which was still dummied for me, then on accident i touched the hog so it undummied and BAM there was fire!

Clones stuck in Boarding Position.
Basicly this is cloning a person who is boarding a vehicle, so you
need a person in a vehicle, 2nd you need someone who is going to
board the guy in the vehicle, he must be conection host,
3rd you need someone who wont get host to be partyleader(you wont get host if you have a guest signed in).
Now have the partyleader look up the person who is going to board the vehicle in his friendlist and make sure he is ready to boot that person, then have the host board the vehicle, half a second after he boards the partyleader needs to boot him, you will go into a blue screen now do the cloning method and the guy who was boarding will be cloned and stuck a boarding position.
Dont know how to clone, check out this tut
by Defylogic
Video Tutorial

Banshee Behind Containment Base Barrier(not outside of the level).
This isnt that hard to pull of, only thing you need to do is
a barrelrol while your next to the barrier and hope your wing
gets stuck in the barrier, now do some more barrelrols and your in.

Weapons of Doom Tut.
Basicly you can blow up a hog and spectre without shooting it, all it takes is a charged up plasma pistol or one bullet of any kind of weapon.
Here's what you do, first you have someone in the turret of the spectre or warthog then have someone throw a nade or shoot a rocket at the spectre or warthog, then get out of the turret charge up your plasma pistol and walk towards the spectre or warthog, or just fire one shot of any kind of weapon.
Plasma pistol looks coolest because it looks like you blow the vehicle up with just one shot.
Video Tutorial.

Oddball Hologram.
What you need to do is, first clone a oddball, to do this, first get weaponless stand against a wall and hold the Right Tricker, while doing this the ball will juggle now have the connection host leave the game and when you come out of blue screen there will be multiple oddballs.
Now take the oddball with no icon above it, now do the hologram glitch, meaning fall through that one spot on Burial Mounds where you can make a hologram of yourself.
The oddball will now appear in the sky and will stay there for the rest of the game.
This glitch only works with a cloned oddball.

Out of Ivory Tower by yourself Tut.
Video Tutorial.

Green Jail Tut.
Video Tutorial.

No Weapon Beatdown and butterfly.
Video Tutorial.

Turfs Last Unexplored Building.
Video Tutorial.

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09-29-2006 , 08:11 PM

It turned out great project, hope you guy's like it! :)

Edit: First post shad0w!, muhaha ;)

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Talking Shazam!! ^_^ - 09-29-2006 , 08:12 PM

Wow, that movie was TOTAL RAP3SAUSAGES. Wow. Mb I should've stayed in HX2T those few months ago.
Oh well, I was in it, and it was fun to hang out while doing that stuff.
Everyone in HX2T is a close friend of mine, and some even closer. :p

Great job on everything, it was very well put together. Gj to everyone involved! :D

(Second post, get
praWnt everyone below! ;)) 'Cept Doubtful. ^_^

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09-29-2006 , 08:12 PM

bestest video ever in halo world. seriously i saw the sun on burial mounds and it was moving. :O

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09-29-2006 , 08:16 PM

good stuff.soory i couldnt be a part of hx2t.But it was fun helping out in the time.

Project you forogt me from the credits :)

It clerly shows me commiting sucide in the why walks.How rude.

But good work

I am a close friend to all in hx2t i salute you.

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09-29-2006 , 08:18 PM

Let me start off by saying that the super omega fireball from hell following the hog on Burial Mounds was by far one of the coolest things I have ever seen in the world of Halo glitches.. Secondly let me congratulate HX2T on one great video! A few old things, but I was entertained throughout the video nonetheless. Cant wait for those tuts guys ;). Great job. I dont think it was necessarly any better than epidemic, but it definately had many amazing glitches.

Quality: 8/10

Editing: 3/10 Hurt my head and eyes...

Content: 8/10

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09-29-2006 , 08:18 PM

Hacks mB?!?! I gotta post something meaningful so here:

Awesome, I loved how the music went with the flashes during the green room part.

Content: Moving boxes, re-boardin, warthog on fire, PP of Doom :D. All very well done and captured.

One last thing I would like to add is that No one can drive a Warthog on fire better then Project and I can, because we are the first and probably the last ones that will ever get to drive a big ball of fire. :D

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09-29-2006 , 08:19 PM


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09-29-2006 , 08:19 PM

Will edit... Even though I watched it earlier today. I'll post the final review below.

Wow. I never thought what would be a mind blowing variety video would be so amazing. Everything. And I mean everything was absolutly amazing. Not just the tricks, not the editing, but how it was organized. The video had a huge impact on Halo 2 glitching brought to life (Again). Im proud to be a member of the clan and to also help with the video. Though I wish I could've been in more clips, (Darn Confidential ;) ) Back to the video. Welcome to the mini sections

Editing: Wow. Everything was top notch. I loved the Mazing effects. Nice Job :)

Content: Absolutly Astounding, I dont know what to say.

Organization: Great way of Organizing the clips and what a way to present the video.

Glitching Itself: Holy Schlapskie. Everything was awesome. Speically the Warthog on Fire. I actually started to feel a need of excitement when i saw that. ;)

Presentation: zOMG. H4x, I tell you, H4X! I loved the first post pic. That was indeed and without a doubt, the best pic I've seen for a variety video.

This clan always keeps me entertained, If its either Launching, Glitching, or whatever we're doing, It feels like its a great experience. Im telling you. This was one (If not the best) Glitching video imaginable.

This clan: Wuff you guys! You guys own me.

Closing: This clan is amazing. Im sorry I have to mention it so many times. But its true.



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09-29-2006 , 08:43 PM

The first part was of good Quality. That is the only part that I will be wathching though.

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09-29-2006 , 09:26 PM

I was very surprised that this video came out today, when KILLER 047 IMed me though, instantly jumped onto Firefox and came to HIH (Okay fine, I asked for a link first because i was lazy <.<)

Let me give you...
~The Bad~
  • Like... wow.... 3 files..... around 80 mb each... pwnzorz internet much?
    I thought some things were over-emphazised, like, you showed them for too long
~The Good~
  • The other 99% of the video kicked ***
    All of those challenges completed, like... WOW. Those Why Walks' were secksi, and I LOVED all that cool vehicle stuff! Like seriously, Banshee on top of Headlong?
    All those clones? Psh, Clone Wars Episode 500 more like, awesome stuff, so many of them!
    I was surprised you put in that little segment with me in it :D but that made me happay.
    Like.... the editing pwnz0rzed
    Like.... the music pwnz0rzed

    Fking.... everything owned!!
~The Random Notes ~[list]Okay, next time, I will have WORKING router so I can actually get on and help you guys!

Overall Phasmotastic rating: 10/10

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09-29-2006 , 09:28 PM

Originally Posted by (CC!) Shad0wFlame
Mb I should've stayed in HX2T those few months ago.
Yes, Shadow, maybe you should have. Infact, why not go right now?

As for the video, I just watched the first section and...it sucked. You know I'm being sarcastic. ;) Fantastic so far you guys, dling section two now.

Edit: saw section two. Yet again, fantastic. On to section three.

Watched section three!

Overall, a fantastic video. Music was great, tricks were great, editing was absolutely outstanding (and I mean that ;)). One question though. You had A Sniping Ninja in the 'main glitchers' credits (me), but not Vermiis (also me). Oh, the confusion! :(

Last edited by Vermiis; 09-29-2006 at 10:01 PM. .

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09-29-2006 , 09:53 PM

OMFG Haxzorz Wtf Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That was freakin amazing im still freakin out about the Warthog on fire that is the best thing in the world and I hope its not too hard. If we could clone like 30 hogs then have them all look like that it would be awsome. Well enough fanticizing. It was all amazing except the beggining of part 3 you showed him in the green room for like a minute and 10 seconds other than that amazing and I cant wait for tuts.

Last edited by Mr boofass; 09-30-2006 at 01:06 AM. .

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09-29-2006 , 09:56 PM

Dude nice video It was pretty cool. Its just amazing that after almost 2 years we are still finding glitches. The Burial Mounds hogs was the best thing in the entire video. overall it was good even though there were a few kinda weak and mediocre things in there. And a few were old but thats all good because they were presented fairly well.

all in all i give it 4 and a half frags

(thats out of 5)

i would have give you a full 5 out of five but no project forgot to put me in the credits.

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09-29-2006 , 10:12 PM

Awesome video guys! Thats all I can say about this video. I really liked a lot of the glitches you guys did.

I am really glad to see you guys finally completed the Green Jail challenge on Lockout. I've been waiting so long to see that done. Also, that huge ball of fire around the Warthog on Burial Mounds was SICK! Definetly the best glitch in the video. Hopefully you guys have tutorials for both of those.

Great work!

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09-29-2006 , 10:17 PM

OMG 73h /24P354UC3!!!

But really, this is a great video, probably the best halo video I have ever seen.

Quality: 10/10 Nuff said

Editing: 10/10 Great effects

Content: 11/10 Awsome, the warthog on fire was unbelievable.

Overall: 12/10

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09-29-2006 , 11:08 PM

d/l ing. Will edit tmrw after work! Looking foward to this.


You know I'm just kidding!

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09-29-2006 , 11:11 PM

fp plz at hbo mbz??
great job guys

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09-30-2006 , 12:26 AM

tut time mb???GJ AWESOME



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