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Halo 2 Campaign Tricks and Glitches All tricks and eggs related to Halo 2's campaign can be posted in this forum.
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Glitching Anonymous - 07-25-2008 , 06:31 PM

Got bored and threw together some older clips of mine that I had lying around. I don't expect anything to be new, but it would be a plus. :)

Youtube - 1:45

I highly suggest watching it in Youtube HD.


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07-25-2008 , 07:24 PM

Hilarious how one comment asked if they were mods. XD

The only thing in there I have not seen is the bouncing weapons on the energy slide... but I have to doubt it's new. >_<

Nice video though. :)

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07-25-2008 , 08:20 PM

The bouncing weapons were new to me, so kudos to you. Nice vid.

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07-25-2008 , 09:02 PM

lol cool stuff.

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07-25-2008 , 09:14 PM

The last trick was very clever. Awesome stuff.

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08-20-2008 , 09:59 AM

I was impressed by the clip under outskirts, i tried that a billion times in a billion places and never got it...and i was known for great clipping =P


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