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HIH Lottery Winners Read about the poor souls who've won the HIH Lottery.
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HIH lottery winner 1/15/10: choppu - 01-15-2010 , 11:55 PM

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, I am sixteen years old, born and raised in AlabamaÖ.Not a redneck, I think that is the only thing I am really touchy about; Gun enthusiast, big surprise huh? I am an avid boxer, even though I get the crap beat out of me quite often. Going to attend Alabama University to chase after a Mechanical Engineering degree, oh and I love death metal. I am a fan of the party liquor, free cookie to anyone who gets the reference.

2. How did you find High Impact Halo, and when?

Good lord, its been a while. I am going with roughly late 2003, my friend showed me how to launch a hog, didnít really think much of it because we just liked to watch them flip through the air, but I started looking for more launches and such and found my way here.

3. What is it that you like about Halo tricks, and what kind of tricks are your favorite to do or see?

They are just fun, itís a great thing to spend some time on when I donít feel like getting all competitive and such. I really just love launching stuff: tanks, hogs, and people, whatever is good at the moment. When Halo 2 came out and superbouncing came around, I nearly died, because it was pretty much exactly what I wanted to do in the first one. I really like seeing almost anything though, things that has to be forced into being possible are usually my favorite.

4. Have you discovered any Halo tricks or glitches yourself?

Not really, I really think I found quicker way to speed run one of the early H2 levels, but I am much too lazy to try and prove it now.

5. What is your favorite game from the halo Series?

Definitely H2, the campaign was sub-par to me, but I still enjoyed it, and the multi was just a whole new can of beans. Spent many many hours in custom games, it was just more fun to me than all these new fangled shooters.

6. What other hobbies do you have?

Cars, right now my best friend and I are restoring a í66 Charger. My brother and I raced motocross for about eight years, I am just kinda on and off of that now. Definitely guns, love my guns. Historic, surplus, I do it all.

7. If you could choose, what would you choose and why?

A whole reform of the two party political system, and an eradication of all network news. I say that would do the trick.

8. What is the first video game you ever played?

Something really schlapskiety on an old Atari, shortly after that I discovered my brother had a NES in his room, and so it goes.

9. (From last week's winner) If you could fight any historical figure or famous person, who would it be? - Mr N

George Washington, bet he could hold his own in a bar brawl.

10. If you could ask the next lottery winner one question, what would it be?

Single most influential thing to ever happen in your life?


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