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Halo 2 Megg - 07-24-2006 , 01:41 PM

What the heck is a megg?

Well, to answer that, you need to understand what the first megg was (found in the original Halo game). You can find a wealth of information about this at halo.bungie.org. A few of the pages are listed here:The short answer is that the megg is an easter egg hidden in the game that is a tribute (or whatever you want to call it) to a specific person, in this case Pallor (Meg), a long time Bungie community member.

Recently, a search for a megg in Halo 2 was touched off on our forum by this thread:


Leaving the drama behind (you always have those that are more interested in personal glory than having a good time), we can move on to the fact that the Halo 2 megg was indeed found. MANY people cooperated on finding and documenting it, though I'm not going to credit anyone, because that's not what this is about anyhow. I will however say that the guys in the Halo 2 campaign forum did a great job overall, and the overwhelming majority of them continue to be an encouragement to me, and to the rest of our members. Thanks guys.

The egg itself is small, but it's an interesting one. It's found on cairo station, and the egg itself is audio that you hear over the station loudspeakers.

Here is a link to a video of getting to the egg.

http://highimpacthalo.org/misc/halo2megg/halo2megg.mov - Thanks HBO

Here is a link to the actual audio of the egg, in .wav format.

http://highimpacthalo.org/misc/halo2megg/halo2megg.mp3 - Thanks HBO

What you actually hear is: "Paging Meg: please report to the red courtesy phone. Meg to the red courtesy phone."

*********************************** ******************

As better documentation of this egg is put together, we'll reference it here.

NOTE: This is a locked archive section of our forum, but if you want to discuss this topic, please feel free to do so in the Halo 2 Campaign section of the forum. Thanks - Duke

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