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Dj Vu :: A Halo 3 Glitching Film :: Jump Sequence - 03-14-2010 , 04:19 AM

Dj Vu
Jump Sequence
A Dummy Glitch Film

I have been thinking about making this video ever since Halo 3 Came out way back when. This is a glitching video using only the technique of dummying. My first video ever was a dummy video in Halo 2 and I think this one really tops my first. If you want a tutorial on how to do a basic dummy, you can see my first video(which includes a tutorial) in the link below. With the help of a few fellow Jump Sequence members, this video turned out amazing. I would also like to thank Yasha, for being the first to do this kind of thing, and inspiring me to make this video. Enjoy!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg6u457eJyI

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03-14-2010 , 08:54 AM

I absolutely loved this video. Great music, great transitions, great glitches.

slYnki is failsauce!

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03-14-2010 , 09:10 AM

We own. Lol see my comment on the actual video gj guysss

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03-14-2010 , 03:34 PM

Decent enough. Editing and filming were better than the content though. Also, don't you mean "Dj vu"?

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03-14-2010 , 04:22 PM

Originally Posted by anakade View Post
don't you mean "dj vu"?

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03-14-2010 , 08:05 PM

Stellar editing.

Loved the shoutout to Yasha's Glitchtacular.

Simple yet powerful video.


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