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Halo 3 :: Mongoose Launching :: HLG Invincible - 04-27-2010 , 08:04 PM

Hiya guys, check out this video:

To do this glitch you have to
be Non-Host. (No Host Connection)
What you need:
- Non-Host
- 1 Mongoose
- 1 Grenade / Brute Shot
- Or Something that else explodes.

Then after that you need to place the
mongoose somewhere close to a wall
or a open place where the grenade will
easily stick to the ground.
If you're standing next to a wall it's
easiest if you try place it close to it,
not to close so you can throw the
grenade into the wall which will then
end up under your mongoose.
You can get someone else to stick the
grenade under the mongoose if your
mongoose is standing on an open ground.

This need some practice!
Try test it with a buddy in forge.
You need a second guy if you're going to
test it in forge because you can only
to the glitch if you're non host.

Sometimes you can get as high as
the skylimit and even higher. (If possible)
The height of your launch depends on
were your grenade is placed and where
you're standing on top of the mongoose.
You should try and get the grenade
between the wheels and be standing on
the other side where the grenade explodes
while having your aim somewhere between
the wheels.

Remember, no jumping..

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04-27-2010 , 11:54 PM

Reserved post. Looking for some old x l3ucl x / Bud video to respond with.

In the meantime, I did manage to find your videos spiritual predecessor.

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04-27-2010 , 11:57 PM

That was some pretty creative thinking on your part man, bravo. Who would've thought that you could launch off of vehicles in halo 3 just like in 1 and 2... and 3.

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04-28-2010 , 12:15 AM

umm im pretty sure you can do this off of xbox live too....

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04-28-2010 , 11:10 AM

The video editing was way to distracting. But it is good to finally see a glitching video around here.

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04-28-2010 , 07:09 PM

I'm not a big fan of launching in halo 3... But if I was I would say I didn't like this video... Sorry :p ! But what do I know, I'm a trick jumper


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