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foxtrotpudding Offline
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03-30-2007 , 10:41 PM

I read the tutorail, but I know next to nothing about the C# language.
I'm going to pick up a book about it and hopefully, after some practice, these things will make more sense.

From what I can understand though, it is a great tutorial.

(Maybe sometime in the future we'll see a video tutorial? I know this would greatly help out those visual learners like me) :p

Mikleran's Avatar
Mikleran Offline
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04-14-2007 , 03:57 PM

You might see a visual tutorial sometime in the future.. maybe during the summer if we can be arsed and there is enough demand.



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TacticalSanta Offline
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04-25-2007 , 03:36 AM

i would love to see this finnished

Mikleran's Avatar
Mikleran Offline
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07-24-2007 , 06:53 PM

Been playing around with XNA now that the time's there.. the hand has morphed into a fully controllable body (video on youtube)..

Anyway, is there still demand for this 'Hog Racing' tutorial stuff to be finished sometime?

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hoodsome Offline
Epic Title Is Epic?
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03-11-2008 , 04:19 PM

Out of how long I have been here I have never seen this thread...

and yet the funny thing is I am just getting into XNA stuff.


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06-23-2008 , 07:53 PM

Was the game ever finished or was it abandoned?

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Dark Navi Offline
Is that a anime?
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07-21-2008 , 11:11 PM

This thread exists?

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04-21-2009 , 10:51 PM

Originally Posted by Dark Navi View Post
This thread exists?
HighImpactHalo is nothing but a figment of imagination, move along now


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