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Crysis Two - 03-25-2011 , 09:08 PM

Took the plunge and am halfway through as of now. I'll write up a full-ish review when I'm finished but I'm wondering if anyone else bought it and is enjoying it?

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03-25-2011 , 09:25 PM

Well, I was going to buy it, until I heard about Brink, and now I want to wait until it comes out to see which one is getting better reviews.

I would be interested in reading your review about it though.

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03-26-2011 , 01:53 AM

Ok campaign only in here, haven't tried multiplayer yet.

I'll start off by saying I'm overall dissapointed with the game. But keep in mind I never played the first one so I'm sure I missed some key story elements.

The graphics are amazing, but at a single glance at any review you are going to know that. They are easily the best console graphics I have ever seen but this did not really make the game amazing for me. I'll try to do this in parts and rate each thing.

Graphics 9/10
Great graphics, but occasionally its one of those games where so much is happening that you don't know where the enemies are because they sort of blend into the background.

Upgrade system 2/10

You gain "money" by killing aliens and walking over there dead body after you kill them. Most of the upgrades are sort of useless to be honest. A few are good but I never really cared about what they did too much. You can buy two of the best ones right off the bat.

Story 4/10 (Never played the first)

The game had a few cool cinimatic moments, but I really didn't care much about anything that happened. The story seriously was lacking even if I didn't play the first one I can tell you that. It also took me around 7 hours, not the 12 most reviewers are claiming. The ending also sort of sucked, I didn't even realize it was the end utill I got the achievement.

Powers 7/10

The game really shines in this area. You get basically sheild power and stealth power. It says there are three powers but the stregnth power is pretty much always active. You can be really tacticle and a lot of people really like that. You can also sort of be a walking tank but you always have to be carefull.

Weapons 4/10

I honestly used a bunch of weapons that seemed the same the whole game save for a few special weapons. You can attach whatever you want to every weapon easily but I found myself going stealth and just beating enemies down about 3/4 through the game.

Overall it really is a rent for me. Unless the multiplayer turns out to be amazing (from what I hear its ok.) I'm going to trade it in asap to save some of my money.


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