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Epidemic *Video Tuts Posted* - 07-30-2006 , 11:42 PM

Here it is guys, sorry for making you wait so long, but hey... we said it would be out during summer, did we not?

Here's the deal on the links.

Each link takes you to a thread in a private forum designed for the video in our DefyLogic clan forums. In the thread you will find a link for the 4 parts it is seperated into. At the top, if it says "Right Click, Then Save As", then PLEASE right click the link and select save as. If it says "These Links Have Not Yet Been Activated" then we have not uploaded the video to that host yet, and the links will only take you to our website.

So far only the Defy-Logic medium and low res links have been added, and shortly after posting, we will add Medium and Low res Mythica, 360Uploads, and YouTube links. We purposely did not add these before we posted because some of you have the tendency to search these hosts constantly looking for Epidemic *cough*fatcat*cough*.

High Res should be up tomorrow, and the HIH host will be up as soon as Duke uploads it and provides us with the links.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy Epidemic! :D


Lucky for you guys, we're providing a tut on literally everything.

Text Tuts

1. Turretless Spectre- I'll be honest on this one. We aren't sure exactly what made the spectre's turret to become invisible. It was still there and usable, and it was only gone for me (the new connection host after the blue screen). All we know is, blame Held for doing host off too early.

2. Secret Room on Containment- First off, let me identify that is not simply accessable by blocking the teleporter and holding forward. The room is inside of an invisile piece of map, so getting in instantly kills you. Now on to the tut- Make a clone and dummy it. Push the dummied clone over to the teleporter and press him up against the teleporter. Grab a scorpian, and very slowly push him through with the front treads. After that, have host leave, but make sure that the person who sees the dummied clone inside is secondary host, so after the blue screen, the actual clone will be inside of the room.

3. Stopping a "Blue Streak"- The footage of this glitch is slightly confusing so I'm going to explain whats going on before I give instructions on how to do it. If you watch the video closely, you see my icon appear on the other side of the map then dissapear, and a blue streak shoots to the prophet statue and falls then explodes.
Tut- Go in the room where the beam rifle spawn, and get behind the teleporter. Start walking backwards and throw a plasma grenade as your teleporting. When you go through the teleporter backwards, it teleports you twice, so you are only on the other side of the map for a split seconds, but if you do it right, a plasma grenade will look like it shoots to the prophet and falls to the ground.

4. Turbine Start Y B- This one is pretty self explanitory, but, jump over the turbines and while in the air tap Start, then Y, then B, and the turbines will lag, then quickly go to where they should be, launching you, depending on how and where you land on it. To get out of the map, like seen in Epidemic, launch from the turbine closest to the huge wall (make sure you jump fairly early and forward).

5. New Weaponless- Start a game of CTF on a map that can support more than two teams (Warlock, Waterworks, Foundation). For this glitch you will require 3 people minimum. Get 3 teams, and make sure that one team only has one person on that team. Have somebody who is not on the selected team try to pick up the flag of the person on his own team. Have the person on his own team switch to another team at the exact same moment that the person tries to pick up their flag. If done right, the person grabbing the flag should appear to be weaponless. During this version of the weaponless glitch, you can walk over weapons without picking them up, and if you press Y, you will pull out the weapons you had when you went weaponless. Don't get frustrated if it doesn't work the first few times, the timing is tricky, so keep trying and you should get it eventually.

6. Discharged Crate- The crate that auto landed on in Epidemic was NOT dummied, it was, what we call, discharged. When an object is discharged, it is invisible for the connection host, and bullets and grenades go through it as if it were dummied, but everyone including the connection host can stand on, and interact with it as if it were perfectly normal, but they can't see it at all. All destructable objects can be discharged, and when discharged, become invincible.
The tut- Look at the destructable object and shoot it, or blow it up, but the moment that it explodes, have connection host leave, and the object should be invisible for the new connection host.

7. New Super Sword Cancel- First off, don't freak out about the name, we know it's nothing new. We just called it that as a joke relating to a recent video made called "New Super Sword Cancel". We know this is old, but we thoughtit was a good idea to put it in Epidemic, because we think that the ledge that you get to may be the key to getting on top of the map, and because we couldn't get out, we figured we'd remind everyone of it, and allow people who hadn't seen it before a chance to see so that maybe others could find a way to get on top of the map from there.
Tut- Melee a crate to behind the grav lift on Colossus, and push it up against the wall. Have someone crouch directly next to the grav lift while looking down. Stand on the crate and do a RXA sword cancel off of the highest point on the crouched person. This can be very tricky, and it takes time to get good at.

8. Oddball on Ledge Under Gemeni- When you walk through the door to go to the outside area of Gemeni turn in the opposite direction from the teleporter, and there is a ledge the runs a few feet against the wall. Drop the oddball inbetween that ledge and the wall, and it will dummy down to the ledge below the map.

9. Grenade Pinatas- *Video Tut For This To Be Released Later*

10. Vehicle Cloning- *Video Tut For This To Be Released Later*

11. Flaming Wheel- This was a result of a failed scorpian fan launch. When the fan closed the scorpian against the bridge, the tank freaked out and went inside of the wheel. The flames were coming from the destroyed scorpian.

12. Floating Bus- In order to float the bus, discharge the covenant core charge (See tut 6) inside of the defensive base and put the bus on top of it.

13. Floating Crate- While overloading on Turf (using host off to keep garbage from vehicles from disappearing until the map goes into severe lag), after a series of host offs, the boxes below the floating crate never spawned, but the top one did, and so it spawned floating).

14. Floating Soda Machine- Discharge a core charge (See tut 6) and balance a soda machine on top of it.

15. Floating Trash Can- Get a trash can on top of a turret, then blow it up, and it should float.

16. Floating Wraith- Discharge the covenant core charge (See tut 6) inside of the defensive base, and put the wraith on top of it.

17. Wraith on top of Burial Mounds- Clone a wraith (Video Tut For This To Be Released Later) and stack them on top of each other with each facing the opposite direction. Have connection host stand on top of the wraith and hump launch it.

18. Elites in Boxes- This is very easy to do and works for many objects on many maps. To do this simply move the object from where it spawns on the map and have someone stand where it should be, then knock the object under the map (on colossus, just knock them down the holes near the overshield; on other maps, wraith boost them under the map) then do a host off. When everyone comes out of blue screen, the object that was knocked under the map should have respawned over the people who were standing where the objects spawn.

19. Jumping off of Nothing in Mid-air- Discharge an explosive blue crate (see tut 6) and simply jump off of the now invisable crate.

20. Frozen Sticky in Prophet's Mouth- *Video Tut For This To Be Released Later*

21. Golden Warthog- *Video Tut For This To Be Released Later*

22. High Jump- We don't know exactly how we did this for recreating purposes, but here's what we do know. We were overloading the map with garbage from vehicles, and Wooden Foot (seen doing high jump, sorry we forgot you in the credits!) was in the severe lag, though I was connection host so I was not. On his screen, he was trying to jump onto the box, but couldn't due to the lag, but on my screen, he got onto the box, and for some reason, I guess his jump dummied (or something?) and his jump height was increased on my screen.

23. Warthog and People Inside Boxes- Overload the map with garbage, and wait until it makes several crates and other misc. objects disappear, and place vehicles and people where the objects normally spawn. Do another host-off, and the objects should respawn with the people or vehicles inside of the respawning objects.

24. Overloading Hog with Passengers- Simply create a large amount of clones, push them all together and drive a hog into them. *Video With Tut on Cloning Wihout Box Off To Be Released Soon*

25. Hogs Under Bridge with Turret Passengers- Dummy for warthogs with people in them (if you'd like) and get them stuck upside down at the end of the bridge in the bridge's girders. Use a banshee to push them further down in order to make room for the second two.

26. Invincible Truck- Just keep overloading the map with the garbage method after everything respawns. Eventually some things wont be distructable.

27. Discharged Air Lifts- Discharging the lifts is another story. To do this, you must clone people over and over until the visual effects on things start to disappear. They don't overload, they just discharge, but when discharging this way, no one can see them, but they can still be used.

28. Discharged Air Lift Dummy- Discharge the vents (See tut 27) and slowly walk into the vent so that you don't go up the vent. You should then begin to dummy upwards.

29. Invisable Crate Lift Suicide- Discharge a crate (See tut 6), push it onto the tread that leads to the grav lift, and stand on it until the crate lifts up and kills you, giving the illusion of getting killed by nothing.

30. Why Walk to Relic Tower- I'm not sure what kind of a tut to provide for this. We had about 6 or 7 people launch me...

31. Rocket Through Floor- Really easy to do, and some odd effects. Stand under what you want a rocket to go through and jump. Right before you hit the celing, crouch so it pushes you into the celing, and shoot. It should go through the surface above you.

32. Grenade Piles- *Video Tut For This To Be Released Later*

Video Tuts

1. Vehicle Cloning- http://useruploads.mythica.org/view....loning_tut.wmv

2. Cloning People- http://useruploads.mythica.org/view....loning_tut.wmv (New Method)

3. Grenade Piles- http://useruploads.mythica.org/view...._piles_tut.wmv

4. Grenade Pinatas- http://useruploads.mythica.org/view....pinats_tut.wmv

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07-30-2006 , 11:42 PM

Once again I'd like to thank everyone who helped out, anyone we forgot to mention in the credits and thank our awesome editor KORHAL.
(for putting up with all of our schlapskie and for editing )
Sorry to steve for not putting him in the credits >.<
Tutorials will be posted within the next few days for everything that is requested and a list of every glitch shown in the video in order from first to last.
And we apologize for the misspelling of the names in the credits.
(Major thanks to Duke for hosting)
Remember to right click and save as.

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07-30-2006 , 11:42 PM

Editing was great, music was right on, cloning was awesome, grenade piles on Xbox Live are so much more sexy then in campaign.
What else can I say? It was a blast to make (even when "bad" stuff happened).
Great job I love the final product.
Heres a picture for all you who are having trouble finding the links.

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07-30-2006 , 11:42 PM

froodlenutzkie YOU JAY^^^^^^^^

That was insane. Simply put. The amount of knowledge you have about the game to be able to create those glitches is absolutely stunning. I cannot beleive how much time and effort you guys put into this video. Some of the glitches you found were truly amazing, and can and will change halo 2 tricking forever. You guys are so devoted and so patient. I am simply shocked. This video definately lived up to my expectations (screw maddrox). The amount of knew glitches you found is very impressive. Definately one of the best videos ive ever seen.

Pros: I loved the editing, it was really well done. Nothing to take away from the tricks itself, and not too little to make it seem sloppy.
I liked how you mixed it up, meaning you didnt show just launches in one section, etc.
I also liked the variety of tricks you had. People get caught up in finding simply glitches, and forget about other tricks such as the spartan launch ontop of the relic tower, and other launches.
I liked how you guys completed a few challenges too.
The glitches itself were absolutely sick ( i know i sound redundant.) One of my favorites is the floating grenades that, when shot, yield more grenades.
Your new method of launching will change launching forever. I think we will have to make specifications on launching now, cause it completely takes the fun out of launching for distance. Thats a good thing and a bas thing.
You guys were very creative. For example, that sword cancel on collosus was incredible. You did something new with something that was for a while deemed trite and boring.

The cloning was a tad overplayed.
I wasnt in it.
H3ldGrenademan was in the credits... jk <3 ( i think we resolved our differences...if we didnt then no jk<3)

I plan to add to my post once i get back from my college search down south. Gonna go visit Duke and Emory.

Auto, I <3 you much, dont quit. You know supersmashbrothers sucks compared to Halo. You proved to yourself that there are always glitches to be found. And i still plan to fly you out to New York. ( i always keep my promises)

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07-30-2006 , 11:43 PM

Ok, i was very glad to waste 2 months of my summer to be apart of this video, its probably the most progressive session of my glitching life ever, lawl....

One of my favorite parts of our video here, is part4, we introduce the multiplayer gernade pile, trust me the mutliplayer gernade pile has the potential to change mutliplayer gltiching forever... the gernade pilles are so strong that only 5 gernades can easily launch you from cornor to cornor on headlong.... so Definaitly pay attention to that glitch...

i made another video of a nade pile... just some scrap footage i had laying around.... keep in mind this launch only had a pile of 4 gernades exploding...

Originally Posted by autotoxic
lmao <3 auto --they call me the red barron mother froodlenutzkieers!!!!!--
Originally Posted by KORHAL
Yay. My hard work can now be viewed :)

Follow the warnings as well.

asstab's line will be famous 'round here now ;)

but seriously this video is amazing and all the hard work we put into definatly shows.... btw KORHAL <3


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07-30-2006 , 11:43 PM

Loved the editing and the music,But really this did not live up to the Expectations you had me and most likely everyone else setup for, I know you guys did discover cloning but more than 3 minutes of the same glitch is really unecessary, I did like getting into the boxes and the hog , well what looked like, the hog overloading itself form hitting all the clones. 6/10 at best i was actually really disapointed but you still did do a good video

Last edited by Jamie Maddrox; 07-31-2006 at 12:09 AM. .

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07-30-2006 , 11:43 PM

My Post On Your Trailer: well I hope this video is as good as you say it will be, seeing how full of yourselves you seemed to be "Defy LOgic will never die" "Nothing stolen"

come on you dont have to brag, but if the final vid lives up to the expectations you have set then I will take this back and allow you to brag, but until then come on that was excessive bragging:(

MY Post on Your Final Vid: consider my comment revoked, I think you deserve the bragging rights.

My favorite glitch is the Frozen bluestreak grenade, the moment I say the grenade floating where it was I knew it had to be a frozen bluestreak grenade.
Next would definately have to the introduction of the Multiplayer nade pile, I will be doing that as soon as I get Project to tell me how to do it. He said it is not too hard.
Though the cloning of the vehicles was cool, you had already introduced it to us, plus I got a sneak peak at it in a game (don't worry, I told no one).
Oh and about the clones, you might consider telling everyone why they are special, because if they don't know any better, they'll just say " Why did you put in clones? You do realize that Johnintoit Already taught us how to clone, so we are unimpressed, though the overloaded hog was cool but also old."
Actually, on the other hand, you might do Project Zer0 a favor by not telling them until after the release of his vid because one of the glitches might not be as cool, though definately still an amazing feat.

Anyway great vid, but I had heard rumors that you completed the blue screen saved your face challenge, I was slightly disapointed that you didn't.

Overall two thumbs up and Five out of Five stars!

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07-30-2006 , 11:43 PM

FINALLY god what was that like a month geezz

yes it did own
it owned hard

jamie maddroz stoled my avatar

woot im in the first post
for those of you who dont know i leaked the trailer for epidemic before it was released thats why they didnt already have it uploaded to mythica

ps, i searched mythica A LOT trying to find it again BUT NOOOOOO you had to steal all my fun


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07-30-2006 , 11:44 PM

OMFG!!! That was one of the best videos I have ever seen. The Editing was really good. The overall video made me schlapskie my pants. Great Job!!!!

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07-30-2006 , 11:44 PM


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07-30-2006 , 11:45 PM

finally... i hope u all enjoy it, we all put a ton of effort into this and believe that it will give all of u something to do and mess arround with for weeks to come. Thanks to everyone who helped, espcially KORHAL

EDIT wow, i know it was commin and i am still post 11!?!! apparently a few people were waiting for this, lol

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07-30-2006 , 11:46 PM

Months of work, late nights, and angry Boons, all culminates here. I would like to thank DL for letting me in the clan, and Korhal for editing this video. God damn, Im amazed. FTW!

Now, where's my Vaccine?

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07-30-2006 , 11:46 PM

Yay. My hard work can now be viewed :)

Follow the warnings as well.

asstab's line will be famous 'round here now ;)


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07-30-2006 , 11:48 PM

OMG!!!OMG!!!OMG watching nowOMG!!

EDIT- That was pretty good. I liked it. I was allitle dissapointed. Dont get me wrong it was a great vid but wasnt EVERYTHING i thought it was going to be. I had crazy high expectations for this vid. Lots of stuff was crazy i just would have liked it more if it had more of a variety. Lots of stuff was the same amazing thing repeated over and over wich made it drag on allitle bit. I still thought it was awsome though. Great job Korhol for editing and great job Defy Logic opn the tricks. I cant wait to try those nades out

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07-30-2006 , 11:49 PM

WooT first page!

dang this thread had 40 plus members veiwing at a time.Not including guest.That was amzing.I know how to do some of it tho.BUt that was the coolest glitch video.I know it took awhile so good job!

Last edited by MyNameIsEric; 07-31-2006 at 01:59 AM. .

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07-30-2006 , 11:50 PM

Hey man this was awesome, thats all i really have to say.

but some bad things about it- some of the stuff is old, some of the stuff was dumbied, and alot of the things were shown twice which was annoying

but the good were everything else

here is my rating- 8/10 but some things i have seen before

Last edited by Th3 Evil Doodl3; 07-31-2006 at 12:26 AM. .

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07-30-2006 , 11:52 PM

I have been waiting for this for a long time and its finally here!!!!!

Kick *** guys i cannot wait to watch

EDIT: OMG OMG OMG that was amazing congrats guys on ur awesome vid

Last edited by Alex; 07-31-2006 at 12:32 AM. .

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07-30-2006 , 11:53 PM

I've seen professional Mongolian contortionists do that
but seriously good job guys through all the crap youve been given its nice to see you finally (lol) released it.

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07-31-2006 , 12:03 AM

Omg... Omg..... Uber h4x : O
KORHAL is meh herozorz

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07-31-2006 , 12:10 AM

YAY!! Finally... I can't wait to witness the amazingness of KORHAL and Defy Logic combined...

Edit: Man. I'm at a loss for words. Everything was amazing... from the 14 (I think) hogs on coag, to the grenade piles (multiplayer grenade piles FTW!!!)... Just amazing. You guys are unstoppable, for lack of a better word. And thanks for the shout out in the credits, I appreciate that.

KORHAL - I have NO idea how you do some of that stuff just using WMM. You are truly and amazing editor and deserve just as much praise (if not more) as Defy Logic. Outstanding man.

Well now that everything is said and done, and all the hype has ended, I can finally go to sleep at night now. :)

Once again... amazing job and 239480239480239 cookies to everyone involved.

Last edited by forevercha0s; 07-31-2006 at 12:43 AM. .


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