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Exclamation possibly 3 Yeti Floods - 08-21-2006 , 02:50 PM

I read the post about the Yeti Flood and saw the vids. This inspired me to have a look for myself. When I got to the point when I saw the Flood I noticed a yellow dot on my radar. I ran up on the log and killed the Jackals, and at the same time I noticed the yellow dot to the right of me. Just after that, I saw TWO more yellow dots just in front of me to my right. I looked up and saw a glimps of two floods coming out from behind a tree and running over a hill and disappearing. I've always seen the two Floods running over the hill but I havn't been able to see the other one to my right. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this and if so, could you get a vid or pic of the scene? If this is old please don't flame me.

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08-29-2006 , 10:51 PM

i saw one yellow dot appear, and i heard the elite one time, but never caught it.

i also did see 3 dots, but only heard one, and saw 1 dot move away dissapear, the other 2 dissapeared soon after.

sorry, i havent seen them yet

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08-31-2006 , 11:42 AM

The yellow dots on your radar while crossing the ...um tree are flood combat forms. For some reason they appear as allies.


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