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One of the best Halo 1 videos in some time - 08-24-2006 , 10:15 AM

BigGruntyThirst has released variety vid #5, and it's a great one. Not only is it edited for good content, but the content contains at least a couple of brand new things for Halo 1. I'll let you watch to find out what they are, but I was pretty impressed, and it looks like it was a boatload of fun, which is the point. There are three sizes of video to choose from (hosted by mythica.org), and I added an HIH mirror of the 60 MB one to the thread. Nice job BGT. :)

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slYkni is my lover
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08-24-2006 , 10:51 AM

congrats on the FP, yet again big gilly.

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08-24-2006 , 12:23 PM

*slYnki gives the thumbs up*

I cleared the video, so technically, I get credit. BigGillyThirst ar teh n0obmin.

I'm joking, of course. Gilly Fish = master. You did some stuff I wouldn't be able to do in co-op : )

Truly the best Halo 1 video in a long while. Next comes T3T, then MY variety video! WEE! Pass the torch, Gilly Fish.

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Uh-huh. Yeah dawg.
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08-24-2006 , 12:27 PM

*prepares to pass torch* Lol
But what couldnt you have done in coop? Dont tell me marine launches are too hard....... =)

And much thanks, Duke, Much <#.

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08-24-2006 , 01:08 PM

NIce job Grunty my buddy just make sure you get some sleep ...........lol jk


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