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Jump Tactics - Transcendence - 03-06-2007 , 09:35 PM

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03-06-2007 , 09:36 PM

Omg, sweet. Downloading.

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03-06-2007 , 09:38 PM

Damn you foo foo

This video rocketed past my expectation on the editing and the content. So lets get started shall we?

Editing This video is probably the best edited jump video if not h2 video of all time. Almost every single place there was a sync for almost every part/thing in the entire video. I didn't really notice this until the second time i watched it, which is just truly amazing. The soundtrack, Maluu you did a great job on this one and i can say this is my favorite out of all the mixes' soundtracks. What else can i say besides i really enjoyed the editing and really didn't see a flaw in it.

Content- Well im just going to break this up into four parts

Maluu- Maluu you had some pretty insane stacks, like that one on collossus i had to watch it four times to understand what actually happened, and now i find out after watching that there are jump by jump descriptions. I loved the, well i don't really know what they are but I am going to call them mid air boosts i absolutly loved them, especially the one on headlong arm the bomb building. My favorite jump of yours was the upward pinball thing inside the arm the bomb base. BTW Make sure you catch The Office Thursday 8pm 7pm central[/adv]

UD- We go way back and I am going to have to say that you still have the innovative thinking when it comes to stacks. I loved how you shot the rocket to make the plasma catch up, throwing 2 plasmas sending on into the air to stick you or to time with the other nades i thought that this was really cool and a great new twist. My favorite out of all your jumps would the invisi building off the wall boost to the small light backwards, must have been pretty hard to get on that light.

Mr0llie- Loved almost all of your jumps ollie truly they were all funtastic so many good jumps and i really can't remember them all i really like the rubble jumps from up above, when you shot a rocket and then hesitated into the window how long did that take? But my favorite of yours is the double rubble jumps with the two boxes into the window and it wasn't only because it was an amazing jump it was cause every single thing you did in that was synced and i just found incredible.

Reidon- Reidon, Reidon, Reidon,...Reidon. I saw a side of you that i have never really seen in this video I'm talking about of course that you stacked, and the stacks were really good. I liked the getting hit by the box thing and I am now realizzing that if I try to specify a jump it will sound really odd. My favorite j ump from you was the the barrel and the box double creativeness and double the hardness that jump must have taken you like at least an hour. My second favorite was the rubble jump from the light from the window to the wall (to the wall) was that a hard long jump. Actually no i take that back i like the slide rocket on top of the building to the teleporter that is so long.

Why not just call this video Jt Headlong with a couple mishaps on other levels

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03-06-2007 , 09:39 PM

The drool is slowly leaving my face....the jaw is starting to come back to my body.....I'm slowly regaining consciousness.......No one will ever beat that...my God.......

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03-06-2007 , 09:42 PM


I know nothing about jumps, but that was some sexy stuff. Editing had me drooling.


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03-06-2007 , 09:48 PM

will edit, dont' worry reidon i really will!!!!

EDIT (told ya' reidon)

- wow that was pretty insane, i must say you guys changed my view on mods (or modded jumping at least). I think you all have watched those "Tricking It" videos to much. espesially you maluu, Mr. im going to climb up a building with "mid air boosts."

-Maluu- Could you go any bigger, how much have you learned from the Tricking It vids. Jeez you went crazzy. All of your stcks were sooooo cool. Like climbing up the defensive base from the plasma pistol spawn. Superb!

-Ollie- ah my mexican friend, like I told you already, I loved your waterworks jump. qoute Ollie it's a 'wack *** jump" yeah right. your rubble jumps were "Off Da Chain" the double rubble was sweet to. loved how you used vehicles togive you a launch. very nice

-UD- I'm sorry to say. I expected a little more from you, But after destroying mix 3 i guess you could take a break. Like idiot said, I liked how you used nades to blast other nades to you. that was a cool idea can't remember alot of jump but you thing near camo on headlong was pretty awsome. nicely done

-Reidon- i don't know why but i feel the sudden urge to make reidon's part pink,...... Oh well. (<3)
I think Idiot took the words right out of my head, but im not going to be mean. All of Your rubble jumps were awsome. I loved the one where the box hit you into the camo spawn on headlong.off the top of that one building into the window behind defensive base was very nicely done also. nice job Ry Ry

well i bet most of you were not expecting that from me but that is what i think, you guys changed my perspective on modded jumping. Very nice job to Maluu, Ollie, Reidon and underdogg!

9.99987654321 square root of a noodle/10

p.s- ( AIM converstaion between me and Reidon)

IamBilly26: i thought it was good
iReidon: OH MY GOD.
iReidon: *kiss*
iReidon: k..
iReidon: I won't do that again
IamBilly26: good
IamBilly26: thats why i made your part pink..................LOL

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03-06-2007 , 09:51 PM

I can't even begin to contemplate the amount of effort and time it took to make that. 100/10. Great job.

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03-06-2007 , 09:52 PM

omfg that was amazing Edit: I feel bad for Yasha now lol

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03-06-2007 , 09:52 PM

very nice :)

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03-06-2007 , 09:54 PM

holy crap will edit seriously:D


HOLY froodlenutzkieING CRAP

that was fricken awesome JT, OMG ZOMG seriously you guys blow my socks off every time you do something.

I'm bringing my vid out soon but this just blew it out of the froodlenutzkieing city. so i might have to re-think my jumps lol

but seriously OMG amazing stuff, editing was Fo' Sho some of the best i have ever seen and from Vegas aswell, crazy cool, and the 3rd person filming is crazy cool, i loved it.

11/10 easily the best vid i have ever seen. you guys are like the Infinate Trejectory of Halo 2.

I am so putting a jump in for it next time if i can think of something that crazy.


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03-06-2007 , 09:59 PM

oh em gee...will editee

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03-06-2007 , 10:00 PM

haha, excuse the very slow server. There are like 43180927412987 people all downloading at once. Bare with us!

Transendingsundance FTW!

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03-06-2007 , 10:01 PM

I know you weant to advertise the site but you could've put one version of it on mythica (perhaps low res) to relieve the stress. Oh well.

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03-06-2007 , 10:03 PM

...2 months later...

But i dont care cause its here now


Im not one to type out a big review, all i have to say is it was awesome. Great job to all involved

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03-06-2007 , 10:04 PM

This is crap!

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03-06-2007 , 10:16 PM

OOO MMMM GEEEE!!! will edit.

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03-06-2007 , 10:19 PM

Oh mi gaaawd!! Downloading!!

EDIT: WOW man that was pretty sweet. I loved the editing and intro and the credits went with music perfectly. The av points were done perfectly and the jumps were just amazing. Good job JT!!

Last edited by CalenderCat; 03-07-2007 at 01:53 PM. .

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Exclamation 03-06-2007 , 10:20 PM

Im going at a rate of 1% a minute...
I dont care Ill wait

*grabs lemonade with tiny umbrella in it*

I cant wait :D

Edit: Ok the mirror worked but wow just wow that had to be the greatest compiling of jumps Ive ever seen!
Normally some of those jumps would have made one video great but with every jump that precise and accurately timed I think just one of those jumps couldve beaten plenty of other videos



Last edited by Texan57; 03-07-2007 at 07:20 PM. .

[-TLG-] C!rus Offline
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03-06-2007 , 10:21 PM

This video was amazing. The skill and time put into these jumps made this video seem like i couldnt believe what i just saw. Jump Tactics has always found a way to bring trick jumping back into the halo world and this time they came back with a boom. My hat is off to the team and i cannot wait for how they will push the envelope for their next video. Great job guys.

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03-06-2007 , 10:22 PM

Chetz and hax. :D

Totally awesome, though, and everything I had hoped for.

Great job, and I don't expect anything else from you guys, as this takes the cakes.


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