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02-12-2008 , 06:28 PM

Originally Posted by ForcefulXCon
Well... If you're recording during a game, as in, you can hear audio... As in people talking... I can help.
Wait, you can?????
I never hear my voice when watching in theater. I usually upload the film to my drive, then put in voices using "Audacity". This will save me sooooo much time (Or it could just make things longer. Now that I think about it, it will probublay take longer)

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02-17-2008 , 04:42 PM

I'll be glad to join. I'll be on tonight, on a friends account though. SteelNutz07 =) aha

Edit: I have a clip if you would like to use it, will have the link in a few, but to make things short, it was a rats nest game, and i naded a hog with two people in it, it flips upside down, and the driver continues to drive, upside down off the edge=)

Let me know if you would like the clip

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02-17-2008 , 05:56 PM

I think I have some clips you could use. My 2 tages(montage and my own funtage) have pretty much halted due to the fact I rarely play MM anymore because of my connection(I lag out almost constently) and I am tired of losing Exp because of it.

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02-17-2008 , 05:58 PM

Ill let you know if i get any worthwhile clips

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02-20-2008 , 10:09 PM

I betrayed my teammate on sandtrap from a long ways away with a crate...An accident :(, and i got booted.

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02-20-2008 , 11:03 PM

I shot down a banshy with a missil pod on top of our base in Vahala map and it landed on me and my teammate, I found it really funny.


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