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Slayelator *Small CQC FFA Slayer map with Elevators* - 04-24-2008 , 12:08 AM

My first attempt at a slayer map: Slayelators.

Short Description:

This is a very small, close quarters, fast-paced, Symmetrical map designed for FFA slayer using the provided gametype. It plays best with 2-5 players. (Anything more would just be insane and silly)

Basic Layout:

The general layout is of a cylindrical hub with 3 main floors and a basement.
The first floor has trench-like corridors surrounding the hub, along with two side rooms.
The second floor has a bridge running across the hub and a raised ring-level.
The top floor has a slight mound and pillars for cover.
The basement is a simple area with a flamethrower and access to the two side rooms on floor 1.
Connecting the floors are two elevators. These elevators are designed to work quickly and efficiently, not to be pretty.
Simply stand on the custom powerup and you will be taken up, a second custom powerup can be grabbed to go to the top floor. Accessing the basement is done by going under the elevator shaft once an elevator has been taken up.
It is highly unadvisable to enter the elevator shaft if no elevator is present, instead I would advise grabbing deployable grav lifts from hooches down the side corridors on the first floor and going up through the hub.


First floor hub

A side room on the first floor

One of the four trenches surrounding the first floor hub

A hooch in one of the trenches where a deployable grav lift is stored. Using it there and then is probably not the best idea.

Second Floor

Looking down from the second floor ring

Top Floor


An Elevator shaft

Weapon Details

Flamethrower x1,180s
Needler x2, 45s
Spiker x2, 30s
Spike Grenade x2, 60s
First Floor:
SMG x2, 20s
Magnum x2, 30s
Plasma Pistol x2, 30s
Bubble Shield x1, 90s
Grav Lift x2, 60s
Plasma Grenades x2, 120s
Second Floor:
SMG x2, 20s
Plasma Rifle x2, 30s
Sentinel Beam x1, 150s
Frag Grenade x1, 120s
Plasma Grenade x1, 120s
Top Floor:
Battle Rifle x1, 30s
Mauler x1, 90s (reduced clip)
Flame Grenade x1, 150s
Power Drainer x1, 120s

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04-24-2008 , 01:53 PM

This is actually a pretty good map for Slayer. I love how it is built as well with all the interlocking objects. The floors are well designed and make for great games and I love the elevators. Nice work Buddha! Once again you have made a great slayer map! :D

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04-24-2008 , 06:06 PM

this is real creative, i cant wait to try with like a 12 person party just to make it uber intense lol. i dont see how well the elevators will work though, everytime ive seen them in a map so far they weren't super effecient, hopefully you improved on that :D

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04-24-2008 , 09:28 PM

The elevators are efficient as long as you've let them spawn back in their original starting location. Otherwise I would recommend using the deployable grav lifts provided on the first floor and launch yourself up through the hub. The elevators are not the main feature of the map, just a nice addition.


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