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BlackBurn33 Offline
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Jump Theory - Look Before You Leap Vol. 1 - 05-16-2008 , 09:03 PM

-Jump Theory-

Look Before You Leap - Vol. 1

-Jumpers Involved-

Tactical Virus
Captain Crunch
Actual Bullet

Well, it's finally out! We put a lot of hard work into it, and these last few weeks before final editing were very productive. Thus, it's out much earlier than we originally thought it would be! Also, because videos are made for the jumper’s pleasure, we decided that the video is going to be unaided and aided. It has a cool feel to it this way, and I really hope you enjoy the way it looks and feels. Hope you like the video and let us know what your opinions are of it! Also, big thanks to Necro for editing the video and making the picture for the link. Enjoy!

~BlackBurn33, and the rest of Jump Theory

The following spoiler is a list of each jump in the video to avoid any confusion you may have. Some of these jumps are a little complicated, so this is a little helper. However, it will spoil the video if you look at it first. =P

Here is a list of the jumps, at the time they occur, in order, and what type of jump they are. Nothing to specific though =)

0:47 - Edge Ghost Slide Stack - Last Resort - Yahweh
1:00 - Edge Ghost stack - Narrows - AllShallPerish
1:13 - OverJump - HighGrounds - Benny
1:20 - Kneecap Overjump - HighGrounds - Yahweh
1:30 - Fusion Coil Rubble Slide - Last Resort - AllShallPerish
1:42 - Dueal Edge Ghost Partner Jump - Construct - BlackBurn/Fusion
1:51 - Fusion Coil Rubble - BlackOut - AllShallPerish
2:05 - Partner Kneecap - Avalanche - BlackBurn/Fusion
2:21 - Double Rubble - Foundry - ActualBullet
2:30 - Edge Ghost Stack - Rat's Nest - AllShallPerish
2:42 - Ramp OverJump - Last Resort - Yahweh
2:48 - Whiplash Kneecap - Valhalla - Yahweh
3:08 - Quad Nade Step Stack - Last Resort - AllShallPerish
3:30 - Step stack - BruteShot Stack - Rat's Nest - Tactical Virus
3:43 - Hesitation Curve - BlackOut - Captain Crunch
3:59 - Ramp Juggle - Last Resort - BlackBurn
4:12 - Triple Nade Slide Stack - Last Resort - Tactical Virus
4:30 - Slide OverJump - BlackOut - Captain Crunch
4:42 - QuadNade StepStack Curve - Epitaph - Fusion
5:05 - Stack Slide Rubble - Last Resort - Fusion
5:21 - Edge Ghost Rubble - Last Resort - Benny
5:37 - Double Ghost Vertical Curve - BlackOut - Captain Crunch
5:49 - Mongoose Hop Rubble - Last Resort - Yahweh

Thanks For watching Guys!

Last edited by BlackBurn33; 05-18-2008 at 12:17 PM. .

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05-16-2008 , 09:04 PM

=] =] =] =]

such a perfect video. great job guys.

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Don't You Judge Me
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05-16-2008 , 09:07 PM

will teh edit

click to stream doesnt work....at least for me. i dont know about anyone else.

edit: wow....that was AMAZING!!! HAS MY BABIEZ!!
music, editing, footage, everything. amazing. i wish i could be as creative as you guys, seriously. but whoever did that last rubble on last resort....i luff you hardcore. seriously that was amazing. wow.... i give you 5x'sthesquare rootofanoodledividedbythevertexofap araobla/ 5 stars (hih the movie ftw.)

and i love how you made pattys name blink in the credits. lol.

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05-16-2008 , 09:12 PM

Jesus froodlenutzkieing Christ.
Most Epic H3 Jump Video Ever... No froodlenutzkiein Contest.

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05-16-2008 , 09:24 PM

Damn... To me everything was perfect good job guys.:D :D :D

YOSHI 3D's Avatar
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05-16-2008 , 09:25 PM

wow this video blew my mind i was so surprised it was that good.Much love to all the jumperz in this video because i can tell you guys worked hard.I loved almost every single jump espeacially the last one im glad to see u finally landed it necro.This completely gave me a new perspective on Halo 3 jumping and showed me you can do crazy stuff still.The editing was very good too i liked it and btw badass intro.the only thing i noticed it needed was names added while the jump was in progress but besides that one of my favorite h3 videos im hoping to see another

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05-16-2008 , 09:29 PM

edit:HOLY crap that was the best jump vid out to date.There wasn't one thing I didn't like.I vote that I'm in the next one.kthxbi

Hunter48's Avatar
Hunter48 Offline
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05-16-2008 , 09:37 PM

Absolute best h3 jump video to date. Everything was perfect (and epic).

BTW, Yoshi, they didn't have the names for the jumpers on purpose. I forget the reason, but they did that on purpose.

Krazzy Jc Offline
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05-16-2008 , 09:38 PM

wow that was amazing, best jumping video I have seen. Great job

MrOllie Offline
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05-16-2008 , 09:41 PM

Outstanding video from the JumpTheory crew. Take notes kids, that is how to make a video. It entertained me.

The content was great. You guys had a mixed bag of tricks regarding the types of jumps, but they were all pretty good. You guys have no idea how big of a smile I had on my face when I saw the Valhalla jump. Extremely awesome stuff right there. Adding edge ghosts to nearly every jump was pretty repetitive, but I guess thats what the new kids do (takes notes). The rubble jumps were great too, very creative and unique. For the amount of jumps you guys had (23 I beleive) you guys made it seem longer than it actually is, which is a good thing. I didn't feel like I wanted to see more. I was satisfied with this portion :).

The editing was really good too. You did a nice job on making it clean. No spawn points in sight, no HUD, and great camera angles (props to whoever did the movements). However, I have to say I do have a few small gripes about the editing. I understand 2 different people edited the intro and body. What I found annoying what how drastic the video changed from the intro. I was expecting some sort of electronic music with some cool blur effects in the actual video. However, all we got was a fade and then some punk music. After that was over, we got another fade and then some more intro-type music. A nicer transition would have been perfect. Player names would have been nice too. I have no idea who landed what jump. A tiny name on the bottom right corner would have still kept your video clean. Im guessing you guys wanted an all hudless video, but at least tell us the colors of who performed the jumps.

Once again, great job. Hopefully you guys keep in mind the stuff I said about the intro/body for your next project. This video is going in my collection. Thanks!

PS. Nice job blackburn, your videos have improved so much ever since you started jumping.

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CaptainCrunch41 Offline
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05-16-2008 , 09:48 PM

ewwww electronic music....thats too jump tactics, wede like to have our own style of video instead of following in the footsteps of your almightyness. :p

uhm, we decided no names of jumpers because we honestly dont care lol, it shouldnt really matter, we are a clan, end of story.

and uhm, hmmm. good advice though, well keep it in mind ollie, thanks for the review.

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the j is uncapitalized
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05-16-2008 , 09:53 PM

From start to finish:
The intro was INCREDIBLE. DAMN. AllShallPerish deserves an oscar for that schlapskie.
The content/filming was awesome. All the problems I told blackburn about were fixed, and several of the jumps left me speechless. And now that I finally got to see that overjump on High Ground, im gonna go rape it first try.
The editing was absolutely perfect for this style of video. I can't even comment on it, because there's nothing to say about it. It was froodlenutzkieing perfect. Music raped btw.

Everybody in Jump Theory has earned themselves QUITE the reputation. Great job guys.
Except for captain. He was weak. 7charizards
Originally Posted by bennyboy
u cannot rape me or clay's ovajump :p
I've raped EVERY overjump. Serious face :P And I've already landed all of Umba's overjumps.
Btw, super late save ftw. ;)

Last edited by jaggedShrapnel; 05-17-2008 at 01:29 AM. .

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05-16-2008 , 11:20 PM

Finally! A new awesome jump video.

All I really have to say is great video, it actually kept me entertained through the ENTIRE thing, I actually loved the intro, it was so smooth and nicely done, great job. Everything has been said already, but man, good job to EVERYONE involved, awesome video.

Sooner34's Avatar
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Team FX
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05-17-2008 , 01:15 AM

Wow. Thats all I have to say. Just, WOW. Everything was top notch. The editing was awesome. Benny's jumps owned. All the unaided jumps were great. Stacking still sucks. :P Great job guys. <3's all around. Except BlackBurn. He smells bad.

E4rlGrey's Avatar
E4rlGrey Offline
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05-17-2008 , 01:30 AM

Simply amazing guys... fantastic job.

I Neo I's Avatar
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05-17-2008 , 01:34 AM

Holy smokes.

That was an AMAZING video. Great job to everyone, those were some insane jumps! I hope to see MOAR!

I Neo I

The MrJump's Avatar
The MrJump Offline
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05-17-2008 , 01:59 AM

Just, to make it interesting, Im gunna say that sucked my fat chubby one.

And just to make it funny, Im gunna say Id suck all your chubbies for making this.

Nice video.... a little past due, but Im takin viagra now so my woody lasted the 6 months.

Anyway, sh!t kicked ashole man, ASHOLE!

Last edited by The MrJump; 05-17-2008 at 03:05 AM. .

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05-17-2008 , 02:06 AM

..........i don't understand.

EPIC. JT you guys have something coming and it's bringing a storm, its called Jump Theory. Best vid to date and i reckon i can confidently say this, one of the best vids that will ever come from Halo 3.

Tactical about what we were talking about. I'm so ready :)

10/10 Perfection

stealthevil's Avatar
stealthevil Offline
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05-17-2008 , 06:36 AM

I was hoping this video would get me back into H3 jumping, but im afraid its pushed me further away :(, because i know i could never do anything remotely close to the jumps in this vid.
But on the brighter side, that was THE best damn H3 jumping video i have EVER seen. Congrats to everyone involved.


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05-17-2008 , 07:45 AM

Thank you guys for the amazing feedback! We all put really much effort into this video and I have to admit it was really worth it.
Hopefully we could get some new impulses to the jumping community.
I´m glad that some of you liked the intro. I think it´s the best thing I did so far with an editing software.;)

Thanks again!


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