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Undertow420 Offline
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Mmmm Brains - 07-24-2010 , 10:59 PM

Anyone want to party up for Living Dead? I have given up trying to get that damn Mmmm Brains medal

I know, lame.

Last edited by Undertow420; 07-25-2010 at 01:45 AM. . Reason: Lost cause

nottaj Offline
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07-25-2010 , 12:00 AM

Every time I think Bungie can't possibly ruin Zombies any more than they already have, they surprise me. In leaps and bounds. Between shields, gravity, and barriers, I don't even want to find out how bad it is now.

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repivemag Offline
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07-25-2010 , 12:07 AM

Played it a while back and I haven't since I realized zombies had shields. So no sorry.

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Dmon9055 Offline
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07-29-2010 , 04:05 AM

Although Living Dead is over, if you ever want to party up and play a game, send me a friend request.


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