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Post Tail between my legs... - 11-27-2010 , 12:57 AM

Anyone remember me?

Heh, how could anyone forget? I was that irritating little Y&Ber with a penchant for accurate spelling who went on extended political tirades and managed to piss off half the membership in the process.

Well, no more. Cross my heart, hope to die, etc.

Yeah, I know I said more than a year ago that I wouldn't come back unless certain Canadian laws were repealed. But that was when all I could think to post was the aformentioned tirades & my favorite tunes, two activities that I got burned out on... :|

I've totally mellowed out since then, and my interests have increased, mostly thanks to my new Windows 7 PC (built it myself, as usual), which has allowed me to break out of my shell, so to speak.

So no more rants, no more insults, and way more post variety. If a topic comes up involving any of my deep-set opinions, I'll just calmly mention them, and if anyone asks me to continue, I'll do so even more calmly.

So what have I been doing away from here? I'll deal with the IRL stuff first.

I finally got to see AC/DC (w00t!) in person. My seats stunk (even though I bought fan club tickets), but the show didn't rock any less than I expected!!!

They didn't allow me to bring my Kodachrome (R.I.P. ) loaded SLR in, just a throwaway camera (I refuse to use digital - it's just too "cold"), so the pictures I have aren't worth sharing. But this pic & this vid should convey the experience to you well enough.

How did I come to get a new computer with my infamously limited funds? I have no idea. I'm probably broke now!

I do know that the ball got kicked off when my power supply blew. It fried the CPU & motherboard (although the PSU itself was still under warranty), and Windows 7 looked just too good to pass up (it somehow turned out to be better than my old standby Windows 2000 SP4), so...

My internet addiction is a bit better now, although I've sort of replaced to with my music listening...

Finally, I had an unexpectedly good time at the Thresherman's Reunion in Austin, Manitoba. They showed off these awesomely massive turn-of-the-century steam & kerosene powered tractors. Be sure to check out Google Images!

Now for the online stuff...

If y'all don't mind, I'd like to start by reflecting on my web history.

My first forum was the Bungie.net forums under this name (joined Nov. 9th or 10th, 2004 - first thread/post here).

Next came HIH. Today (the 26th) is my 6th anniversary!

The only remaining proof of my original V1 account is this post.

Not counting this one, the grand total of posts I'm known to have made over the last 6 years is 3687 (1.68 posts per day). Not nearly the most, but worth mentioning, methinks...

My third was the official Team17 (makers of the Worms video game series) forum in May 2005. Original (now banned for admitted illegalities) account here.

Other forums that I frequented after those were acdcpower.net (the off-topic section is what I consider to be the "armpit" of the internet), Shooters Forever (for GoldenEye N64 modding - I never was able to do any myself, sadly), and xbox.com's Perfect Dark forums (home of the incredibly lulzy Perfect Dark cult). I quit SF first, then xbox recently in order to move back over here, and I still maintain a minor presence at acdcpower (the band is between tours ATM, so right now it's pretty much dead except for the immortal filthy spam).

All in all, HIH is by far my favorite. Best people, best OT section, and it looks great too!

Oh yeah - some of those "new interests" of mine:

I was a fan of the Japanese game show Challenger On Fire since when I was still posting here, but only recently was I able to find several high-quality episodes of it. Here's a short sample of what I found (its best segment, the electric rod challenge), plus its most famous clip, "Name 100 Anime Characters".

Eventually that led to the almost as awesome obstacle course show Sasuke (AKA Ninja Warrior). Here's a clip (the dubbed version is kinda crappy).

Then, came Gaki no Tsukai, the comedic game show that brought us this challenge. Way better is their annual "batsu" games, in which some or all of the cast gets humiliated or beaten upon. The "24 Hour Tag" is my favorite!

(^ The first and last parts of the tag game are missing from YouTube, but the rest is still a great watch.)

Heh heh heh...

I've also found some great YT channels:

AutomaticGainsay - Analog synthesizer demonstrations.

Davidsfarm - Yeah, I know all that stuff about him being a pedophile, but I don't believe for a second that he still is after 20 or so years. All of his haters have their own personal agendas.

FamilyJules7X - Nintendo 64 tunes done well on electric guitar.

TheDarkStation88 - OLD epsiodes of one of my most favorite TV shows, The Electric Playground (see my TV show list further down in this post).

And there you have it, people!!! :D

I'll now close out my typically lengthy reintroduction with not only one of my infamous music lists, but also a movie list, and a TV show list!

Don't worry - I said that my tastes have broadened, and the music list is in a brand new format - most favorite tracks from my most favorite bands (including as many YT links as possible for EXTREME added value!):


Who Made Who
Hail Caesar
Sink The Pink
Touch Too Much
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Soul Stripper
Guns For Hire


Disruption In World Communications
Delta 1
On Presuming To Be Modern III
Phobos And Deimos Go To Mars - Part 2: Deimos
Sketches Of Mythical Beasts

Van Halen

Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
Feel Your Love Tonight
Mean Street
Hot For Teacher
I'm The One
Atomic Punk

The Offspring

All I Want
No Brakes
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
Walla Walla
Come Out And Play


We Will Rock You
Bohemian Rhapsody
I'm Going Slightly Mad
Hammer To Fall
Radio Ga Ga

Beastie Boys

Body Movin'
Heart Attack Man
The Move
Fight For Your Right (To Party)
Ch-Check It Out

The Rainmakers

Government Cheese
Big Fat Blonde
Drinkin' On The Job (Lyrics)
Rockin' At The T-Dance

Dead Kennedys

The Man With The Dogs
California Uber Alles (Album version)
Chemical Warfare
Holiday In Cambodia (Album version)
Pull My Strings
Drug Me
Police Truck
Too Drunk To froodlenutzkie (<-- I missed that... )
Life Sentence
Buzzbomb From Pasadena

Top 30 favorite movies, from most to least:

Seven Samurai
Ponyo (Japanese dialogue)
Return Of The Jedi (1997 Special Edition)
Apollo 13
Dersu Uzala
Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life
The Thief And The Cobbler (Richard Williams' workprint)
October Sky
Requiem For A Dream
Back To The Future Part II
Carry On Abroad
Fantasia (1992 VHS)
A View To A Kill
Repo Man (NOT "Repo MEN")
The Hidden Fortress
Apocalypse Now: Redux
Cheech & Chong's Next Movie
Dumb & Dumber
Ghostbusters II

The only TV shows I have ever truly LOVED, from most to least:

How It's Made
Inspector Gadget (First season only)
Doctor Who (2005 revival onwards)
The Electric Playground/Reviews On The Run (First two formats)
Destroyed In Seconds
Speed Racer
King Of The Hill
Pokemon (First three seasons only)

P.S. I see that the ultimate Halo trick, T2T, ***STILL*** is not done!!!!!! For Cortana's sake, please bear down on this already...

P.P.S. Yes, I am very aware of the introduction sticky, but really, this post is way too much for it. So I DO beg - no lockies pleasey?

P.P.P.S. Similar to what I requested in my very first post on a forum ever, no "too long, didn't read", please. Effort counts!

Last edited by laser; 11-27-2010 at 01:24 AM. . Reason: Completed links.

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11-27-2010 , 01:11 AM

Quite indicative if you ask me.

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11-27-2010 , 12:35 PM

Originally Posted by laser View Post
I've totally mellowed out since then.

So no more rants.
Your post says differently.

Meh Ac/Dc ftw

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11-27-2010 , 01:55 PM

"Rant" generally means there's some anger behind it. That was just a long post, and I never said anything about stopping long posts...

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11-27-2010 , 02:07 PM

I remember you, but I don't remember you being nearly as annoying as you think you were. Also, that post is a bit much for essentially saying "Hey guys, I'm back and I'm less annoying now." Regardless, welcome back.

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11-27-2010 , 02:23 PM

I always go overboard. I just won't be doing it in an emotional fashion now.

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11-29-2010 , 12:53 PM


Sorry, that's the first thing that came to mind when I saw who posted this thread.

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11-29-2010 , 01:30 PM

I read, "Anyone remember me?" Then scrolled down a little bit and my ADHD kicked in.

So all I got was, "Anyone remember me? IMA FIRIN MAH LASER!!!!"

I don't remember you, but welcome back! :D

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11-29-2010 , 02:36 PM

I remember you now. I never went to Y&B much back then though so idk. I always found the forums more interesting when people would thrash about with their opinions on stuff... [shrug].

Also, I opted for the Feynman pic over the quasar avatar (as you can see). You're into physics I would assume?

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11-29-2010 , 03:20 PM

Awesome post, good read :)

u mad? PM me.
Some basardskies asked for entertainment.
I presented a blog. Yes, Another F*****g Blog...

I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, GTAGaming.com, Jumprs.org, GlitchGaming.org, and Last.fm. And I also use the nick "TNSGT" on IRC on the IAN server.

Much love, HIH, thanks for the memories xx

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11-29-2010 , 05:26 PM

Originally Posted by thenotsogoodtrickster View Post
Awesome post, good read :)
Thank you!

And I don't study physics, but I do find them interesting.

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12-03-2010 , 08:42 PM

6 year anniversary...dear god. Mine was a little over a month ago (I lurked from July until I signed up in late October) on October 23, 2004. D:

Prufz: http://ducain.org/version_one_foru/m...wprofile&u=217

Not quite under the top 100, but pretty close.

And also, I think we may have been xbox modding "buddies" back in the V2 days. Either that or I hated you.

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12-03-2010 , 09:50 PM

Originally Posted by BoarderX View Post
And also, I think we may have been xbox modding "buddies" back in the V2 days. Either that or I hated you.
I don't explicitly recall you hating me, but others have, so that's probably it.


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