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An Amateur Multiplayer Stunting vid (PC) - 01-24-2011 , 05:09 PM

I was going to give the good clips in this video to Mator so we could create a collaborative video, but upon realizing it would take FOREVER to send all the videos, I released this:

Part 1 includes some small ledges and just some experimentation with getting places. It also includes Mator and I screwing around with shades and tanks.

Part 2 is a bunch of strange launches and balances followed by about 3 minutes of hog- and ghost-spinning variations.

If you're not into multiplayer stunting, I don't expect you to be amused or anything.
I just needed to release ::something:: after like five months of avoiding halo.

(@Mator: if you want to include any of the clips, particular from section 2, in your video thingy, let me know. I still have the raw files.)

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01-24-2011 , 08:07 PM

Just skimmed over it, I'll give it a proper watch later. Good job though man on doing some stunts and posting them, I still appreciate it. The vehicle spins towards the end of part 2 were pretty cool.

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01-25-2011 , 06:33 AM

Good vid.

Were a few things that were new to me, and the stuff I knew was generally of a good quality. The spin stuff at the end was very entertaining.

On the downside, the launches were at a disappointing standard compared to the rest.

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01-31-2011 , 08:08 PM

Pretty good! Some cool accidental stuff and some nice new (though I've seen it before) footage in one vid.

Music was good, kept me interested and wasn't nauseating. Your first Ghost Spin on ice, though it was 5.5 spins like my record one, I don't think it lasted as long as my record one did. :P

Some of the fails were annoying, esp. you trying to get on top of the hog in the side of the spike tower on inf.

I think our shade-tank thing turned out good. With the desync stuff going on it was pretty epic. Ghost floating on air is ftw.

Shade+Tank+Ghost = smexyness.

The clips would have made more sense if you had my footage too tho -.-

I loved the end of section 1, the music synced too! xD

Anywho, don't do this again. Or I'll never have enough footage to make an iG` vid... -.-


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