HIH Trick Video Archive For FrogBlast

Frogblast is probably the most well known Halo 1 trickster. It seems that the guy had a magic touch when it came to finding ways to explore areas that seemed impossible to reach. His uber-complicated trick of reaching the bottom of the Halo level map is still amazing to see today.

Frogblast maintained his own site well into the days of Halo 2, but some time ago, this site went down for the count. With his cooperation and permission, and with the tremendous efforts of amaroq (owner of mythica.org), and LouisWu (owner of HBO) we have placed a complete mirror copy of Frogblast's site, exactly as it was, on our servers for everyone to enjoy.

You can visit this mirror site by navigating to http://ducain.org/utfoo.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.
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