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Jump Fiends Video Series

Strung Out (WARNING: 1st Video) - April 8, 2005
I saw MrJukes and Jumptactics videos here on HIH, so I went out and bought a capture card. This video is a collection of jumps that I found on Burial Mounds and filmed with my new capture card. Noraa is featured in this video and he does some cool jumps of his own.
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Mix #1 - April 15, 2005
The first video in the Jump Mix series is mostly first person jumping done by me. It also features a jump or two by my brother Bererk Brute, now known as JoeEffinFriend. This video had some good comments in its forum thread, regarding the music, the jumping content, and the improvement on editing.
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Mix #2 - May 3, 2005
#2 in the JF series was a pretty popular jumping video in its day. AuronKiller7 & Externible were featured with some unique partner jumps and grenade jumps. This was one of the first jumping videos released after the new Halo 2 maps. It has an all out laid back feeling and a lot of people enjoyed it.
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Mix #3 - May 21, 2005
The 3rd installation of our series consists of some skill jumps, tactical jumps, and some vehicle stunts. Jumps were performed by myself, AuronKiller7, Fromuchacho, & Reidon. In the thread, people just keep saying how my editing is improving with every video I release.
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Mix #4 - May 28, 2005
Personally one of my favorite films I have made. Tons of skill jumps By Reidon, AuronKiller7, and myself. Just all out fun jumps and some edge ricochets, and a cool slide off the fan on Zanzibar.
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Mix #5 - June 11, 2005
This video has a little comedy skit at the beginning and at the end. I’m pretty sure this was the first ever completely hudless jumping video ever. Music by the Prodigy fits really well with the jumping action. Very interesting intros for the jumpers. Introducing: Erty Derty, J3SUS WARRIOR, & Tabuto. Guest starring Broncho.
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Mix #6 - July 24, 2005
First video that I filmed and edited that made front page on HIH as well as Jukes' site and TeamDirtyTricks' site. The clan was in it's prime for this video and the next few. Jumps by Bererk Brute, Erty Derty, J3SUS WARRIOR, Reidon, Si1verShadow, Tabuto, & myself. A very nice collection of jumps that consist of slides, hesitations, curves, grenades, & partner jumps.
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Mix #7 - August 28, 2005
A long list of jumpers show their skill in this video. Some of these jumps are just amazing like Ollie’s hesitation on Relic. This video also made front page here at HIH, along with a few other sites. The Jumps Fiends were really in the mix back then. This video also features a quick flag tactic at the end which is quite entertaining.
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Mix #8 - January 1, 2006
Mix #8 the last in the series. Features some brilliant jumps from tons of great jumpers. Jumps by a Video Game, J3SUS WARRIOR, SPNKR Matt, Xetzu, Simple D, JoeEffinFriend, Broncho, Tabuto, & Brotha Ice. Some over jumps and stuff. Also introducing a technique of hog launching by Noraa.
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Wooden's Solo Stuff:

Speed Mix #1 - September 25, 2005
My first speed jumping video featuring Tabuto & The Trombone. A bunch of cool jumps done in a Juggernaut game type for a speed boost. Speed mix #1 made front page here at HIH and at www.Jukesbox.com.
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Speed Mix #2 - December 3, 2005
The second speed jumping video that I made. There are some very unique jumps done in this video. A lot of explosions and speed make for a fun video to watch. Jumpers include Xetzu, Tabuto, The Trombone, & myself.
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Campaign Tour #1 - April 17, 2006
Saw a campaign jumping video by Reidon & SPNKr Matt and I fell in love. So this is a result of me playing campaign for a week or 2. Campaign Tour #1 made front page at HIH (you know how that works, they
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