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Clan iHop Videos

iHop Episode 1 - January 18, 2006
This is a trick jumping video with some old school jumps, a few partner jumps, some awesome new stacks, and a sneak peak of what we had coming out next. This is our first video as a clan and on behalf of everyone of iHop we really hope you enjoy all the hard work we put into this.
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iHop Waffles and Beyond - January 20, 2006
This is a totally new concept for jumping that we just gave you a taste of to wet your appetite for something very unique. This to my knowledge has never been done before and hope it will catch on to others who are making jump videos. It is challenging but very fun, tactical technique that also looks really cool.
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Back to School With lil yell0 bus - January 24, 2006
The iHop speed jumping video featuring our very own lil yell0 bus.
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Jump Buddies - March 4, 2006
This is just a fun jumps video. It does have mostly known jumps in it, but not all of them are. We wanted to make kind of a DirtyTricks style vid. We filmed it pretty quickly and edited fast paced.
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iHop Episode 2 - March 13, 2006
After 14 hours of editing, and over 20 hours of filming we have the final product of regular, old skool, and stack jumps that we like to call iHop Episode 2.
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iHop Episode 3 - December 28, 2006
The 3rd Episode in the iHop series which contains a very wide variety of jumpers and jumps. Jackpot did a great job on the editing, and it is split into two parts because of the humunginous length.
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Jump Sessions
*Inspired by MrJukes*

Jump Session #1 - February 19, 2006
A jumping session with me and Z4KK on Lockout. I don't even know the name of the song....
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Jump Session #2 - March 9, 2006
My second jump session, this time with me, Z4KK, brotha ice, and UnfixedSNIPERJ. This session was all about speed, so... that's all there is. I tried to get all new jumps in this, and hopefully everything was.
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Jump Session #3 - March 20, 2006
My 3rd Jump Session. A few launches in this one thrown in with the jumping. You may need to turn up the sound a little bit cuz it's so quite. This video featured Z4KK, PacMan, and myself.
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Jump Session #4 - April 1, 2006
This video is all about the trees of Halo 2. Me and Tabuto saved the rain forest we did.
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Jump Session #5 - April 11, 2006
I mixed it a little with #5. Halo 2 Campaign with some Halo 1 MP.
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My Other Jumping Videos

Bogus Adventure - February 11, 2006
Z4KK and I had this plan you see, to make a jumping video in matchmaking team slayer. Billtakular joined the party and agreed to help us out. The computer I did this on was total garbage so A/V syncing was out of the question. It would feeze up every time I went down the timeline. When we started we were all around level 31. But when we finished we were down to 16....lmao. Special thanks to ramajala and his crew for being the only people we played to not kill us. That game was the last few jumps.
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Broncho OFF - Bowser64 vs. Reidon - March 4, 2006
A long jump competition where I played against big bad Reidon. The long jump is called the Broncho, named after the ancient jumper Broncho who found it.
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Bowser's Campaign Hops - October 13, 2006
My solo campaign jumping video. Good times. Good. Times.
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My Jump Challenge - January 5, 2007
If anyone pulls this off, you must be a god or God himself.
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Complete by Gary UK (11-23-09): YouTube

Guest Appearances

MrOllie's Fiesta - June 21, 2006
Old School jumps in a synchronized video. For the "better looking synchronized jumps" I was the orange guy in the front of the line keeping everyone in order while Ollie was slappin' them into shape in the back.
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Jump Fiends - Rubble Jumps and Such - July 8, 2006
Wooden Foot's technique of jumping off of anything that moves. Really cool and original.
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Tabuto's Jumping For Fun 5 - July 20, 2006
Tabuto's 5th edition in his Jumping For Fun series. I only had one easy jump in it, but I think you will enjoy it anyways because of the HIH higher ups that helped out including NewBassMan, Xetzu, and Kron.
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DyeGuy and Homies - Episode 3 - November 14, 2006
Dyeguy112's 3rd edition in his speed jumping series. I had a few pretty good jumps in this video, along with all the other homies.
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Non Jumping Videos

Cuz Glitching Does Suck - February 5, 2006
Really this video should be called, Cuz We Suck at Glitching. I am the orange guy in the video who filmed like almost every one of the "glitches." You know we love you Yasha.
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MP Sputnik Pwns - August 22, 2006
Me and Noraa got pretty good at Noraa's MP Sputnik Pwns technique. Wooden Foot offered to film some launches, but all three of us were not on at the same time very often. So the video is short, but still sweet.
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Jumps United Warthog Launching Contest - December 25, 2006
A warthog launching contest sponsored by Jumps United that I placed 1st in.
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You Got Stuck [Montage"> - December 31, 2006
This is a "montage" that I made just using plasma grenades in BTB Slayer games. I stayed home sick one Friday a ways back and got every stick in this video all in that day. Nothing was setup, so don't worry about that. I had the video rendered and safely in a folder, thinking that soon I would add to the video getting some more sticks to finish off the song. But the project got deleted in Pinnacle. So this is all you are going to get. There are no credits or "ending" because of the reason stated above. I did my best with the editing. It's not really an excuse to be using Pinnacle anymore, but that's my story.
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Ghost Gaps - Headlong - April 7, 2007
Slash RF was at his friend CalendarCat's house and Reidon was a pink elite. They were playing Quake 3 DeFrag on their computers while I was making this video. This is also the first time that I ever used Vegas 7. It's mostly just a fun video with some "experimental" editing.
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Old School Warthog Pwnage - April 9, 2007
A warthog trick driving video with no explosives with drivers Pacman, Brotha Ice, and myself. But don't be fooled, there are some things in here that can be classified as new.
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Shee Slides and Such - September 19, 2007
Vehicle tricking with Bowser64 and and a little MrOllie as well. There is a bunch of nice shee slides as well as some launching.
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Speed Runs

Outskirts Easy-Coop in 4:30 - April 26, 2007
An Outskirts speedrun that me and my cousin, Silver decided to do one day.
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