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Jump Tactics Episode I - Ascension
- January 15, 2005
JT's first video. It demonstrates the first ever slide jump and string jump. This video also introduces the concept of skill jumping.
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Jump Tactics Episode II - Lockout - January 23, 2005
The most popular of the Jump Tactics videos. This demonstrates some basic tactical jumps as well as some of the more difficult skill jumps like slide jumping and curve jumping. Features the most popular long jump, the RyanL.
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Jump Tactics Episode III - Headlong - April 25, 2005
Trick Jumping with Maluu, hesitations with Anti Noob, partners with RyanL, what more could you ask for?
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The S-Curve
- April 25, 2005
An insane curve with an even more insane technique courtesy of Maluu.
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Jump Tactics Episode III - Headlong (Encore)
All the clips that never made it into episode III are in this vid. Some nice hesitations and partner jumps.
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Jump Tactics - The Art of Stacking - June 8, 2005
Maluu figured out different ways to use more fire power for a jump than ever before possible. First he uses an ingenious technique with the over shield. Then he starts uses mods, which allow him to push the limits of creativity, timing, & accuracy.
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Jump Tactics - Mix 1 - November 12, 2005
Things are going to be a little new for JT. We are now making mixes. Much like MrJukes and Jump Fiends, the mixes will consist of any type of jump on any level. What this will allow us to do is to make video more often, but still keep great content/editing, you just dont have to wait 4 months for an episode ;).
[Edit by Maluu"> Tabuto, you have done a fantastic job editing this video last minute. It was hectic but you pulled through, this editing is insane for how fast you did it. Tabuto = Savior of JT!!! eye heart tabuto! [/edit">
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Jump Tactics - Mix 2 - December 25, 2005
This video features upwards of 40-50 jumps, and is cram-packed with action and an insane remixed soundtrack by Maluu. This mix is sure not to disappoint.
(Words from Derik Olsson) - It's been a while since I've done one of these (editing a video), and I must say - I am EXTREMELY proud of the work that the entire jump clan (and friends) have put into this and produced.
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Jump Tactics - Over Jumping
- January 1, 2006
This is the new type of jumping from Jump Tactics, Over Jumping. It's the most significant jump class since slide jumping, and it's tactical value is extreme. Over Jumping allows for new, aidless jumps that were never thought possible, like getting ontop of the lockout door frame from the ground, and getting into the broken gate room above the dumpster in terminal. We hope you enjoy this new jumping class from Jump Tactics!
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Jump Tactics - Mix 3
- June 17, 2006
This mix is unlike our recent ones because it features a fair amount of aid-less jumps, as opposed to the nonstop stacking like we usually do. Here are some of the features for this video:
- Use of the "FlyCam" mod for the intro shots.
- Follow up on the new jumping class, "Edge Ghost Jumping".
- A new jumping style, "roflcopter". It involves doing an entire jump while holding the left joystick completely left or right (Spinning continuously).
- Aided jumping without host.
- A new form of solo double rocket stacking (used to only be possible via a teleporter).
- A custom mixed soundtrack by DJ Maluu featuring his music.
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Jump Tactics - Transcendence
- March 6, 2007
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Jump Tactics - Transcendence (Deleted Scenes)
- January 24, 2007
This shows the process we as a clan go through for each video. We sift through all of our footage, and drop the jumps we dont feel are up to par. This is just something Ollie slapped together in about 1 hour of editing. The jumps you will see do NOT depict our final video (because they did not make the cut). You will see some that are terribly bad, some that abuse mods, some that are badly filmed, some that are too easy, and some that are just too pro.
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