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Objective Behavior Series

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Objective Behavior, Coconutcorp's beloved series, is full of so many tricks and glitches, you wouldn't know what to do with them all. The series was started in late 2005 when the 19 minute long Volume 1 was posted, and received a front page mention. That was only the beginning. A few months later, Volume 2 was posted and later received a post on the front page. Volume 3 expanded on everything that made volume 1 and 2 great, and also received front page.

Other Tricking

On Top of Midship
HIH Mirror
The unlikely alliance of DefyLogic and Coconutcorp yielded the top of Midship
finally being revealed, if only for a few seconds. It also yielded a front page mention.

Inside Headlong Dumpster Alive
HIH Mirror

After testing every method in the book to get inside the thing,
Doubtfulowl finally found a method that worked.

Oddball B2B
HIH Mirror
In this video, we launch oddballs base to base.

Quick Multibounce Montage
HIH Mirror
This is a
short video showcasing a few multibounces, made by Vermiis.

Two Completed Challenges
HIH Mirror
This video was made for the Challenge Sticky,
so that these challenges could be easily presented.

Four Floating Coconuts
HIH Mirror
One day Vermiis, Ananke and Draggonoth set
out to make coconuts float, and that they did.

Sacred Icon's "Spinny Thing"
HIH Mirror
Vermiis, one of Coconutcorp's founders,
discovered the minor glitch presented above after some experimenting on Sacred Icon.
The glitch is Coconutcorp's only endeavor into the field of Campaign tricking.

A Tribute to Tricking
HIH Mirror
Evilmidget25 takes a look back at many
of the great moments in Halo2 tricking.


Hog on Headlong Pipes
HIH Mirror

For almost a year, this challenge was constantly trying to be completed.
Many gave up, deeming it impossible, but many kept on, until one day.
It was done.

Spectre on Top of the Relic Tower
HIH Mirror
After HIR got a hog on top of the tower, the only things left
were a spectre and a ghost. We decided to do the
spectre first.

Ghost on Top of the Relic Tower
HIH Mirror
A month after we got the spectre up,
we finally got a ghost up as well

4 Spectres on Headlong's Highest Building
HIH Mirror
Texutremonkey0 one day had the wonderful idea of getting four
spectres on the highest building of headlong. 24 hours later, they all were up.

4 Warthogs on Ladder Building
HIH Mirror
While Coconutcorp was still in its infant days, members, future members,
and random other people who found the party all helped complete a challenge that had been posted:
getting four Warthogs ontop of Headlong's secret ladder building.


Dummying Zanzibar
HIH Mirror
A quick tutorial on how to dummy anything on Zanzibar.

Benches Under Ivory Tower
HIH Mirror
A tutorial on how to get benches under the Ivory Tower map.

Soda Ramming Places
HIH Mirror
A very quick video showing some spots of
where to ram objects with a wraith.

Quadruple Wielding
HIH Mirror
This tutorial shows you how to wield 4 weapons at the same time.

Guest Appearances

Warthog B2B
HIH Mirror
Highimpactretards video,
in which they launch warthogs base to base.

So You Wanna Glitch v.4
HIH Mirror
This is the fourth installment of
Johnintoit's So You Wanna Glitch Series.

HIH Mirror
This is Causeofdeath, and Sciz's huge video,
full of many fun and interesting tricks and glitches.

Glitched 3
HIH Mirror
This is Causeofdeath's third installment of his Glitched series.

HIH Mirror
Hold X to Trick's first video.

Project: Zero Gravity
HIH Mirror
Hold X to Trick's launching video.

Blue Streaks
HIH Mirror
Much theory and fact inside. >.>


Vermiis' Montage - a FunTage!
HIH Mirror
This video was made in a very short amount of time, the response to extreme boredom.
Don't expect anything special because, hence the title, it was made to be fun.

Evlmidget's First Montage
HIH Mirror
As the title would hint, this is Evlmidget25,
one of Coconutcorp's longest living members, in his
first killing montage.

Evlmidget25's Funtage
HIH Mirror
EvlMidget25's fun montage.
Much ownage contained inside.

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