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Halo 1

Campaign Launch Video - January 27, 2006
My friends and I have been doing halo glitches before halo 2 ever came out. I just got a capture card so i thought I should put together a video. The stuff on here is cool and I think that the spot I land at at the end is new. Please note that the clips are over maybe a year and a half to 2 years old so thier not very clean. They're from when we made our montages using only vcrs.
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AOTCR Shade Jump to Top of End Structure - January 28, 2006
After I made my launch video someone suggested I should make a video of just the grand finally, so thats what i did. If you like this I suggest you watch my whole launch vid.
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Strange, Lucky, & Cool Happenings - January 28, 2006
After last nights video and the comments I've gotten, I created another one. Just like the last one all of my stuff came from old video clips. I haven't been on here long but i think its all new. My video has extremely lucky and cool glitches in campaign and a little multi-player.
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MultiPlayer Tricking Video - February 1, 2006
I was sifting through some tapes and a found quite a bit of multiplayer stuff. I don't know whats really old or not so I just put in what I had.
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*ALMOST* Tower 2 Tower - February 20, 2006
Me and Blacklabel were bored and decided to take on the tower 2 tower challenge. We get so close that our body hit the other tower but we are already dead. It took us 8 hours to set up and we launched for 2. I made a video showing how to set it up. Also wait for the end it shows some funny out takes. Tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions on what will help. The only reason we didn't make it was the lack of grenades.
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[B">DollarPwnCenter and MasterDrew 1v1 Halo 1 Duo-Tage[/B"> - June 7, 2007
My friend and I were taking a break from the halo 3 beta so made a halo 1 montage. It's all filmed in split screen over 2 nights. We basically played every map once with 50 frags on and snipers.
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Halo 2 Campaign

New Launch and Sacred Icon Spot - February 3, 2006
Me and my friend were messing around with a launch technique we disovered along time ago. We were venturing levels and got an idea of a spot to get out at. It worked and its awsome. I took us about two hours of recording to finally get the stunt. Hope you enjoy. Also if you like, we were thinking about making a vid of all the spots weve used this at, but first we are seing how this goes.
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Behind Quarantine Zone Glass - February 6, 2006
Me and Impaled Fork were screwing around and we came up with this idea. We used a spectre to get behind this new spot.
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Door Launching - February 6, 2006
About five minutes after Impaled Fork and I got behind the glass at Quarantine Zone we came up with this video. It's pretty sweet, but not as easy as it looks. We recorded launches for 2 hours straight and came up with these. Hope you enjoy.
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Wraith Launch off of a Pelican - February 6, 2006
I was going through some tapes and I found some old school wraith launches. I put together a short video of 4 launches in campaign and two of them happen off of a pelican.
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Strange Marine - February 6, 2006
You have probably seen this at the beginning of a couple of our movies but this is one of the strangest things I have seen a marine do. This is one of those things that your glad your recording when it happens.
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Fastest way across Metropolis bridge: 6.37 seconds - February 7, 2006
I was going through some takes and I found this. I dont think it is old but I'm positive it is the fastest anyone has ever crossed that bridge.
A little TUT: Kill everything. Push one banshee across elastic barrier. Face banshee forward with a wraith directly in front. Get a checkpoint in the tunnel.Hop in banshee and hop out instantly. It's actually not that simple. you need to put a wrath in front so that you dint slide on the ground and die. Flying off the wraith also gives you more lift to clear the things in the way. Jumping out and survivng is the hard part. 70% chance you die 20% chance you go now were. 5% chance blwing up instantly.1% hitting a pole and dying. 4% success. I have my flying into a pole at that speed and dying too. Its pretty funny, but I dont want to go through the tapes to find it. Hope this helps.
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Out of Regret - Unexplored Land - February 12, 2006
Me and Gray were messing around on Regret and we found this. It gets you out of the room after the 1st underwater elevator. The video has a tutorial, so you can do it too. :)
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A Floating Rainbow? - February 20, 2006
I was playing on Quarantine Zone and my game started to glitch, freeze, and mess up in weird ways. I saw some strange stuff like a flood in a ghost upside down. If I tried to pause to record anything the loading or something would catch up and when I un-pause it would be fixed. I started to constantly record and i saw this. I know what it is but its still cool to look at.
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First Campaign Variety Video - April 3, 2006
This is my first campaign variety video so cut me some slack. I thanks POTS for the help he has given me with my CC. I couldn't have made this without him. I used some of my old stuff and some new stuff that you havn't seen from me. I had no name for it so I took a funny picture of me and called it Power glitching.
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Under Metro Tunnel Grate - April 15, 2006
YourBigMoma and I were messing around and we found a way to get under the Metro tunnel grater. I saw this in the unexplored area thread and I'm pretty sure its new. It's a little dark so I tried to brighten it but it didn't help to much.
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Out of Regret Prophet Glass Room *Tutorial* - April 15, 2006
I know getting out here has been done by Madrox, but he never showed how. I found this really easy way out. Tell me if it is new. There's nothing fancy in the video, I just show it. Tutorial: Get the sputnik skull. Grenade jump and walk into glass & jump when partly through glass.
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Unless I'm Crazy, Did The OS Tunnel Changed Today? - April 22, 2006
I have been through the outskirt tunnel thousands of times and I have not seen the roof like this. If I am crazy and just don't remember, I'm sorry for making this. I have been up for 24 hours so i may be going kooky. My friend said he hasn't seen it like this either.
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Insane Banshee Flying - May 21, 2006
In one of my old videos I used the Metro bouncy barrier to go launching in the banshee. After hours of slow pushing in fear of blowing the banshee up, and poor navigation we have taken that concept to the next level. To give you an idea of how fast we are going it takes about 4 minutes to boost in a spectre out there. It took us about 30 minutes to push the banshee out there because we were going walking speed. Only took a few seconds to get back. Also this isn't easy to set up. Once your in the water you cant see anything. The way we did it was had my buddy stand on the banshee so i have an idea where it is at.
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Hunted - May 22, 2006
Want to see a hunter fight Tartarus? How about two hunters to the top of the ZEN GARDEN? That's just a couple of the things that DollarPwnCenter does in his latest video, "Hunted."
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In Amber Clad (Possibly New Cairo Egg) - May 27, 2006
My friend and I were messing around on Cairo Station trying to get Johnson on the Mac Gun when we got side tracked. We started to do some jump from recent videos that came out when he ran into this. It says "In Amber Clad." I thought this was kind of weird because you don't even here about the Amber Clad till later. It's definitely hidden but in a semi obvious place. I was thinking maybe it was a foreshadow of what was going to happen to the Amber Clad later in the game.
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Project Gemini - September 9, 2006
This is a video Terminator and I have been working on for some time. A few things: The last song was "Push it to the Limits." FooFoo forgot to add that in the credits. The trick with all the elites in the elevator was done by Chewy Florez NOT me. And thanks to Terminator for making this with me and for FooFoo for doing such a great job editing.
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Light Show - September 9, 2006
This was originally going into the Project Gemini but I gave it to FooFoo too late. There are a lot of neat spots to do this, but this one is pimp.
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Halo 2 MultiPlayer

Zanzibar Super Bounce - January 23, 2006
This is my first super bounce video. This bounce gets you on the ledge on the wall outside the Zanzibar gate. Its not the ledge that you get out at.
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On Gemini Roof Ledge With One Person - January 24, 2006
I know this ledge above the lift has been discovered before by someone, but they used 2 people to get up there. I found an easy way to get up there by yourself. Its pointless but amusing.
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Ghost Launched To Big Crane - May 20, 2006
This is just a lucky ghost launch that lands the ghost on top of the big crane.
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50 Second Tank Spin - May 20, 2006
This is just a neat tank launch that spins like a top on the ground for about 50 seconds. Its really neat.
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Crazy Tank - May 20, 2006
This is just something that happened while messing with the Zanzibar gate. I got shot through the roof barrier and died a little after. I'm pretty sure it would be possible to survive up there.
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Double Shot Ricochet? - January 10, 2007
I was just messing around alone warming up my fingers and double shots. I did a few, then stopped and plugged in my communicator and then shot again. Somehow the explosive barrel blew up. Was this my mad skillz or just a random ricochet? Either way its still pretty cool.
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DollarPwnCenters's Halo 2 Montage
Before this I've made 3 other montages, but when I created the montage editing contest a while back all the kills used were the same as the ones I used in the 3 previous montages. This is the winning montage edited by Forevercha0s. Pretty much sums up my last 3 all in one but it was never posted since i didn't want to repeat kills.
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Halo 3

Halo 3 Beta Montage - May 30, 2007
This is my montage I made. I was going to see if I could get it hosted at H3F but with all the custom map stuff flying around, they never got around to it.
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[B">DollarPwnCenter & PsH Bling - Halo 3 Beta DuoTage[/B"> - July 28, 2007
On behalf of DPC, I would like to say sorry for this taking so long cause it was meant to be out a while ago. Halo 3 forum said they were gonna host it but never did...so we decided today that we would post it here so please enjoy. -PsH Bling
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Team Gnarly

Team Gnarly's CAMPAIGN EXTRAVAGANZA - April 29, 2006
We've been working on this video for the past month or so and we think that you guys will love what you see. Most of these glitches, you've probably never seen before. So without further ado...

  • DollarPwnCenter
  • forevercha0s
  • MushroomSlaping
  • Gray Cyther
  • yourBIGmama
  • Chewy Flores

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Team Gnarly's Jump-O-Rama - May 11, 2006
This is Team Gnarly's first Halo 2 Campaign trick jumping video, and we believe we did a pretty decent job :). Be prepared for a couple of nice overjumps, crazy long jumps, strings...and an unbelievable jump on Regret by DollarPwnCenter. This is the first Halo 2 Campaign jumping video to utilize 3rd-person views for jumps (correct me if I'm wrong). We've spent the last two weeks working on this video and we think that you guys (and girls) will be impressed. So without further ado, we give you "Jump-O-Rama"

  • DollarPwnCenter
  • forevercha0s
  • Gray Cyther

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Videos DPC Appeared In

forevercha0s's Jump Variety Episode 1 - July 6, 2006
Most of these jumps are new (to my knowledge), and some may be old...But I tried to throw in a few "spins" on the old ones. There are a lot of old school style jumps, a few speed jumps, and a few edge ghost jumps that are pretty cool as well. Special thanks to DollarPwnCenter for helping me with the partner jumps.
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Trinity - August 26, 2006
3 months in the making: KDproductions, No Limitations and Team Gnarly bring you...TRINITY
Total running time: 46 minutes.
Tricks performed by:

(Team Gnarly)

DollarPwnCenter Jr.
Impaled Fork
Chewy Flores

(No Limitations)
Grande Carne

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POTS's Tribute Video - November 8, 2006
POTS, we all want to thank you for everything. Everything. May it be making us laugh with your witty comments, sharing your love of Kasumi (I personally will not get over that. I dunno whether to smack or hug you =P) or sharing your ridiculously long speeches that we don't understand half the time. But we most certainly want to thank you for your friendship. It is one of the greatest treasures we have in our lives right now.
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Christmas Video - December 24, 2006
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Speed Runs

Co-op Cairo Legendary Speed Run Technique - April 29, 2006
Me and my friends found this glitch a while ago and thought it could shave off a few seconds on harder difficulties. It skips the whole first section.
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Dollar goes to McDonalds (Real life Prank) - July 13, 2006
foreverch0s said he went to a McDonalds and ordered the noob combo and a big mac gun. Last night we went to a McDonalds and tested teh prank out and it went decent I think. It was the first time trying it, and i was a bit nervous so i forgot a few lines and halo references but it is still funny nevertheless. Also we kept my arm in the way of the camera to not show the workers face since it would be illegal to without his permission. Maybe later on ill try it again but this will do for now.
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