Unabashed pimpwork - warning
On the frontpage, you'll see a new 'skyscraper' ad running on the right side, and it's a special one. This is for a company crewed by one of our own, Shdw Shinobi. In this rare instance, I'm pleased to say that we're not making one thin dime from these ads. Hey, if you spend many dozens of hours of blood, sweat, and tears here helping to keep HIH afloat, I'll pimp your stuff too. :) So, if you're in need of some webhosting, and you want to go through someone you can trust, click the ad and check em out.

adelais.net is pimp, yo!
Srsli, looks like they have some of the best deals on the interweb right now. :)
Jordan does a great job running this. I'm currently hosted by him, and I must say it's definitely the best host I've been with. Incredibly affordable, great uptime, and quick response times for customer support.