Ultimate Stunting Tutorial: complete after 7 years
The cryo tube must be cracked briefly for yet another incredible feat of endurance by an HIH community member. Passed along via the HIH Facebook group is the Ultimate Stunting Tutorial by -=Mator=-. I'm pleased to post this because the entire spirit of the project, to say nothing of the content, is what many of us have always loved about the game and the community that surrounded it. Below, -=Mator=- gives an overview of the project, and links so you can get watching.

"Back in 2007, I started a project to document stunts/tricks on the map Blood Gulch on Halo PC. I had been inspired by videos by Ms. Man, BigGruntyThirst, and the TSM clan, and had an overwhelming hunger for Halo stunting. At the time when I started this project I knew only around 30 stunts on Blood Gulch, so I considered it a pretty easy endeavor to make a tutorial video for all of them. But, as many of you are aware, there are more than just 30 stunts on Blood Gulch. Over the years I learned more, and the project grew, and grew, and grew. Until it became a colossus, a hulking collection of 400 stunts on Blood Gulch.

Today, 7 years after I started the project, I bring the result. Balancing vehicles and clipping them into geometry. Launching across the map at 500m/s. Walking up the inside of walls. Getting on top of cliffs. With over 4 hours of tricking content, this video has it all. I've put my heart and soul into this project. Enjoy."

Official Website
YouTube Playlist
Into the Halo 2 Cairo cutscene room - done
Another long-time and seemingly impossible tricking goal has, like T2T, succumbed to the sheer force of will from a Halo tricking community that simply refused to give up on it. Many people from the Halo 2 tricking days have contributed to this challenge over the years, and it was very recently completed by DrBizz.

Since I’ve never been as knowledgeable as I’d like regarding Halo 2 tricking, CoD15 (via the HIH Facebook group) stepped up to help me describe the significance of the accomplishment:

“On the 2nd level, Cairo Station, at the very end of the level there is a room below the final playable area of the game that's reserved for the final cutscene where Master Chief opens the doors to the space station and grabs hold of the covenant bomb, sending him out of the ship with it.

This is the cutscene I'm referring to:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpByy8bRzyo

For roughly 10 years, trickers have worked on trying to get themselves into this "cutscene room." Many have tried, many have failed. It's Halo 2's equivalent (effort-wise) of Halo 1's T2T.”

Well done DrBizz, and congrats to the community as a whole for sticking it out for this one. Definitely worthy of unfreezing the cryo tank for just a moment.

Youtube link
Jumprs.org forum thread
Tower To Tower - Finally Complete

HIH must briefly awaken from cryo for an event like this...

In September of 2004, in the VERY early days of HIH, a strange and seemingly impossible challenge began to take shape. The idea was to attempt to perform a warthog/grenade launch from the top of a blue beam tower, and LAND the MC on the top of another blue beam tower (level Halo in the original game).

You can view the forum thread where it was first mentioned by clicking here.

This challenge has been attempted by many people and groups over the years, and has defeated them all. Shortly before HIH went into cryo, a resurgence of effort began to take place, led mostly by MrMonopoly. After the cryo, he continued his attempts, documenting the effort on the trick forums at jumprs.org.

In the last few days, he was joined by Duelies, who decided to make an attempt of his own. After coming excruciatingly close to landing it a couple of times, MrMonopoly was beaten to the punch by Duelies on Saturday.

The challenge is finally complete. (Click for his forum thread, and video links)

Many (myself included) doubted that this challenge would ever be conquered. I'm happy to have our collective doubts proven wrong, and I couldn't think of a newspost more worthy to sit atop the front page of HIH indefinitely. The collaboration and effort of so many on a challenge like this epitomizes what is best about the Halo online community.

Please take time to watch the video, because Duelies took great care to include history, footage of past tries, his setup process (which is cool to watch on its own), and the final success launch and landing.

I'm including a few HIH mirrors of the video created by Duelies for archive purposes.

Full length mpg (95 MB)
Full length mov (95 MB)
Clip of launch and ending credits (14 MB)

EDIT: MrMonopoly completed the landing as well! After all these years, two guys nail the challenge the space of a few days time. Amazing work.

EDIT 2: Here are mirrors for MrMonopoly's video:

mpg version
mov version
Seven years of awesomeness

Words really fail me at this point. Thanks so much to everyone who made this place an excellent community, and here's to hoping we added something memorable to the Halo community as a whole.

I'll see you all out there!


Ending it all on a perfect 7
On April 6 2004, a tiny speck of a website was launched to show off some Halo trick videos - pretty much a little boat floating in the ocean of HBO. Soon after, a phpBB forum followed, with a handful of people signing up who just loved to hang out and chat about Halo 1 trickery.

Then came Halo 2 - the explosive growth in traffic, great new community members, excellent Halo trickery, and plenty of madness. Then Halo 3, and...

Most of you know the rest of the story, and so here we are. However, this year on April 6 - exactly 7 years to the day since HIH began - we're heading into cryo. It's been a long and amazing trip, but it's time that HighImpactHalo draws to a close.

The decision has been in the works for some time, and is ultimately made by me, but with the counsel of the HIH admin team - and it's a good decision. Many won't like it, but it's time. In web years, our site is like 487 years old or something like that.

The good thing is that we're not just 'shutting down' - we're going into cryo, following in the footsteps of a certain Halo character we kinda like. HIH, complete and entire, will be frozen on April 6, and will be locked but viewable, including all the content. Forum posts, archive forums, all of our huge HIH Trick Video Archives - everything will remain available as a testament to all the great people who have spent time here and contributed their talent to the Halo community.

To make this happen, we've come full circle - back to HBO where we first started. We've partnered with Louis Wu, who has graciously agreed to host every single bit of the content of HIH going forward. Most of our stuff is already there, but no 'switches' have been flipped yet. That will come later. I'm also maintaining a separate and complete copy of everything, with build packages, as protection against any sort of unexpected content loss.

Making this choice wasn't easy, because HIH after 7 years almost seems to be a part of my DNA, even though my personal contribution here has been little in recent times. I literally could not be more thankful for the relationships that have been created over the years in our little corner of the interwebz, and the sheer volume of FUN that this group of people helped to create for many of us.

SO, the entire point here is to the give the community some notice - slightly more than two weeks - and I would ask that everyone use this post as a place to drop by and writeup some favorite HIH memories, hat tips to past members, etc.

NOTE: for those of you viewing this on the front page of the site, simply click the 'comment' link below the news post to be taken to the forum post.

The one rule is that we keep it positive - we'll be removing anything that isn't. Let's take the old girl out on a good note.

Thanks everyone - I'll post another note on April 6.

Bottom of the Oracle Cable Room
A major challenge has fallen. Tricker_against_daodds has completed his transformation into a great HIH trickster, proven by his method of getting to the bottom of the Oracle cable room. Drop by the H2 forum thread for several other vids and a tut leading to his final assault.
Oops - something went brokey
I apologize for the forum troubles folks. My UPS unit died while I was out yesterday and shut down the server unexpectedly. I got everything back up and running and checked the front page (which was working), but I neglected to check the forum.

The sudden shutdown corrupted one of the tables, and so I had to restore to a backup from yesterday. Doesn't happen often guys, but unfortunately we lost a day of data. Again - sorry. Everything should be running ok now.
A holiday season Halo 1 variety vid
I've been off the grid since about Thanksgiving (on purpose), and I apologize for leaving the news high and dry. Not really trying to catch up now - just stopping in and saw this latest bit of coolness from slYnki - a holiday season variety vid from Halo 1 land.

He says, "This is a variety video, and there is certainly a nice variety of tricks in here. Almost a little bit of everything. Bumping, launching (including two deleted scenes from Dosage), vehicle collections, AI trickery, and even a tidbit of uncharacteristic multiplayer action. There's a couple new things, but mostly it's the same deal as last year. Just a collection of old school tricks and glitches, all of which should bring back memories and make you guys smile."

That it does. Stop by the forum thread and have some Halo 1, and maybe a little eggnog.
My First Variety Vid, byzelotajino3
Take a few moments and visit zelotajino's thread to view a beautiful variety vid. He also provided tut threads on messing with the Heretic leader and swordflying on DH.

It's extremely rare for a new HIH member to grasp and implement so many of the old school techniques so quickly. For 6 month's or so zelotajino3 studied our vids, practiced our methods and came up with several methods of his own so please show support and leave a comment or two.

Differences in language be damned, we only care about video content.
High Speed Halo Now Accepting Reach runs
High Speed Halo (http://highspeedhalo.net/) is proud to announce is it now accepting Halo Reach speedruns. RC Master sets the stage with a run on Tip of the Spear of Legendary coming in at an impressive 9:03. There are 2 other amazing runs already on the site, including a SLASO of Nightfall in under 4 minutes! Go check them out!

You can submit runs for Reach/Halo 1/2/3/ODST by activating an account and filling out the submission form found here.