When a good nap just isn't enough...
...MaCeGaC has you covered. Check out Mace's newest HIH wallpaper offering. Impressive stuff, as always.

UPDATE: Mace has released a couple of new wallpapers (two versions of the same image), called the Halo Towers. You can view them on page 4 of our wallpaper gallery.

Yeah he always makes the most amazing wallpapers. NIce job MaCeGaC
PoA cryo tubes? my guess?
i dont get it? what does that have to do with anything? ovbiously its incredible, im just wondering if im missing anything
It's simply a wallpaper. A great one too, major props, Mace!
MadRoX says:

PoA cryo tubes? my guess?

Yeah. tbird, it's the PoA Cryotubes.
its a bit plain. IMO but GJ nonetheless!
It's simplicity is awesome, and the 3d work absolutley amazing. Great job Mace
Widescreen version

That's simply amazing
Guess what my new wallpaper is!

Haha, this is great. Awesome job MaCeGaC!

It's my wallpaper as well ;)
its my current wallpaper too
Those are some awesome wallpapers. I downloaded the Halo towers and the cryo tube one in 1280x1024 resolution. It's perfect. :)

Very well done Mace. You have a true talent.